About LTIPP In April's Delegate Incentive Program

Hello guys.

We are already in the second month of the Delegates Incentive Program. We are working a lot with your feedback in order to enhance the following iterations of the program.

If you opened Snapshot, you might have seen a lot of proposals. 77 to be exact. These are the applications of the Long Term Incentive Pilot Program. . This month will be a very busy one for delegates, so to avoid unnecessary spam we will NOT consider the COMMUNICATION RATIONALE and COMMENTING IN PROPOSALS parameters for LTIPP proposals.

We will consider ONLY the SNAPSHOT Votes.

With this measure we intend to avoid unnecessary spam in the forum. We also want to avoid delegates concentrating unnecessary efforts in communicating 77 proposals, given that we consider that in this instance the delegates’ vote is more of a priority than the rational communication.

If you have any feedback, please let us know!


It’s definitely going to be a busy week, no doubt about that. But at the same time, it’s incredibly exciting to see so many protocols actively building on Arbitrum. Thank you for keeping us informed.


That’s a lot of work.


What is the expectation for the additional “Post Council Feedback” votes in terms of commenting / communication rationale? I see 17 additional popped up.

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It is a difficult decision in this case there are 17 proposals, and then there will be the stip-bridge proposals which are also a large number. These proposals come with a previous digestion on the part of the council and the advasory. We still do not have an answer to your question


We’ve debated a lot about this with our team. It’s not an easy decision to make since there are good debatable points from each point of view. But, after a lot of talks about the additional ‘Post Council Feedback’ votes that were not considered in our initial communication we came to the conclusion that the proposals don’t have enough differences with the previous LTIPP proposals to apply a different criterion.

Since Post Council Feedback votes end in May, they will be counted next month. And we will only consider Snapshot Votings (SV) and we won’t consider Commenting on Proposals (CP) nor Communication Rationales (CR).

After second month ends, it would be great to open a space to discuss this edge cases with the community to see what are there thoughts about this (and others) situation(s).


Thank you for clarifying - it is a tricky situation!

If you open up the conversation let me know, I can share my thoughts at that time.

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