Arbitrum's Short-Term Incentive Program (Arbitrum Improvement Proposal)

Out of Successful applications, STIP awards grants based first on the amount of votes FOR each proposal.

In the event there is a tie in the amount of votes FOR, the application that was first to publish their application will receive priority.

Let me know if that makes sense.


it reads like it requires both 1. 50% in favor; 2.71.45m FOR vote (not quorum).

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Hey @Mindao, yes that was also clarified here: Arbitrum's Short-Term Incentive Program (Arbitrum Improvement Proposal) - #106 by tnorm.

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Thanks for the clarification


Hey delegates!

Here is a simple checklist to help keep track of all the proposals

You can make a copy of this version and use it to organize all your votes and comments.


Plurality Labs will be funding a grant for monitoring and reporting on this program. For those interested in applying, check out RFP - Abitrum Short-Term Incentive Program (STIP) Data Monitoring and Reporting

Award Timeline

RFP Live - Oct 8

RFP Submissions Open: Oct, 08 to Oct 015, 2023.

RFP Interview and Submission Reviews: Oct 15 to Oct 22, 2023.

RFP Decision: Oct 22 - Oct 27 2023.

Grant awarded - Oct 27


We are considering applying for round 2 of the current grant cycle, but it is looking increasingly like the entire 50M tokens could be allocated during the first round. As of right now, 30M are spoken for, and another 11M are pretty close to reaching quorum with 3 days left in the voting period. Do we have an idea of if/how the second round will proceed? Are there any active conversations on this that I could join?

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Hi @Britt, the StableLab team is watching the status of the budget closely and will publish an update in the next 48 hours.

If meaningful budget remains, the one-week application period for Round 2 will take take place shortly after the end of Round 1.

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Thanks for the quick reply. Just to confirm, the 1 week application window will be the same as previously planned, correct? Applications due by Oct 18th?

Also, do you happen to know what they’ll use as criteria to determine what is meant by meaningful budget?


This sheet is good enough. No need to waste more money on that. Honestly.

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General Communication SEEDGov

As already noted by @cattin, the @seedlatam delegation has created this account in collaboration with several partners, with the objective of evaluating grant proposals related to Arbitrum Short-Term Incentives. Here are the evaluation criteria adopted:

Evaluation Criteria:

Despite the large volume of proposals received, with more than 106 submissions in a short period, the team defined several essential criteria to determine which initiatives to support:

  • Protocol metrics in relation to the requested grant.
  • Innovation inherent to the protocol.
  • Potential impact of the proposal and acquisition of new users.
  • Reputation of the applying team.
  • Ability to attract liquidity.
  • Impact on the Latin American ecosystem, in line with our vision and mission to support the region

We leave a spreadsheets with our results

Voting Process:

As usual, the vote of the @cattin delegation is made in consensus with the community. Although this voting process remains consistent with our standard practice, we have made some adjustments. Given the high number of proposals, and in a joint work with @cattin, we have conducted an initial assessment, selecting 32 proposals that amount to a total of 54,398,000 ARB.
The community will have the opportunity to vote for the proposals they deem most relevant. The final determination will fall on those that receive the most votes, up to reaching the figure of 50M USD, as previously stipulated.

We remind you that the next governance call will take place on Tuesday the 10th at 19:45 UTC on our Discord server.


We wish to express our gratitude to all the protocols and community members who have reached out to us through various means. We regret not being able to respond to everyone due to the high workload this week.

Special recognition goes to @tnrom for his constant dedication and effort in this incentive program, and to @stablelabs for their management in the forum.

Additionally, we want to thank @BlockworksResearch, @jerame20, @archipelabro, among others who, with their contributions, facilitated the evaluation process. Their collaboration has been invaluable. Thank you all!


The authors (grant recipient) of any DAO-endorsed grants will need to work with the Arbitrum Foundation on KYC/compliance. I always recommend to start that process sooner rather than later.

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Have you looked at the RFP? This sheet is great, but covers literally zero components of the reporting and monitoring asks. Am I missing something here?

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Hey everyone, here is a link to my recent post about updates regarding the Round 1 Voting Period Update


I have a question.
To participate in the incentive program, is it necessary for the project to be onboarded with Arbitrum?
Please provide additional information or specify what other conditions need to be considered.

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Yes, all criteria are in the proposal. It requires reading it to be informed of the details.