[Arrakis Finance] [FINAL] [STIP - Round 1]

Hello @Squirrel thank you for submitting. Could you please make the following changes to your proposal to comply with the program rules?

  1. You mention “5% (42.3k) will be taken as a payment to Arrakis Finance.” This is not permitted as the grant is to only be used for incentives as stated in the following stipulation.
  1. Since the 7 LST Vaults you mentioned that will receive incentives are not yet deployed you will be required to share these addresses in your bi-weekly updates once they are deployed as per the following.
  1. Please note that the Funding Tranches piece of the incentives framework has been replaced by funds being streamed biweekly.
  1. Under the “Protocol Performance” section please only include data such as TVL from Arbitrum not all chains.