[Camelot] [FINAL] [STIP - Round 1]

agree with you on this one

id wanna see a better breakdown of which partners because some are very different to others

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3M ARB is nothing? Right…

You may be careless with your own funds but I will ensure that proper due diligence and value for any ARB tokens distributed is held.

3M ARB for a DEX that barely hangs in the top 5 on Arbitrum is far too much


Lets be honest, probably same devs or known to each other. Unbelievable that heist was…


careless!? we’re talking about giving 0.085% of the DAOs wealth to one of the top 5 dexs in the ecosystem

and yeah i think the other dexs with even higher volume should get EVEN more


These comments have helped me to better understand your motivations and personal animosities. Thankyou for your transparency.


Not a problem.

Just sharing opinions and stats.

All part of healthy discussions which is the whole point of this :slight_smile:

Let the voting decide in the end :heart_eyes:


I fully support this proposal, and I think its a very reasonable ask.

Camelot has created value for the ecosystem with their contibutions and this proposal is no different from that track record.

I hope this time, given that a framework is now firmly in place, this proposal will pass smoothly with no major roadblocks.


Happy to support this proposal - the Camelot team has been nothing but exceptional for the arbitrum ecosystem and I echo the sentiment that the grants process wouldn’t have even come as fast as it has if it weren’t for their first attempt at appealing to the DAO. The Camelot team has always been generous and flexible with their incentive program and have been instrumental in acquiring team talents from other chains.


Hi all,

I noticed some flagged posts here for spam. I want to remind everyone there is a maximum politeness policy. Please keep all discussion constructive :slight_smile:

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The Camelot team provided a breakdown of where the grant would be allocated amongst Partner pools. You clearly did not look at the breakdown, but it proves that your comments are baseless. TROVE gets 0%, DSQ get 38bps, RDO gets 75bps. The bulk of the allocation goes to GMX, RDNT, MAGIC, DPX, etc. all pillars of Arbitrum DeFi. We suggest you actually look through the files. Thank you.


thanks for clarifying

give some of us a break tho, i’ve read 60 proposals today, im tired.

im happy with that allocation


Have publicly denounced Camelot in the past, don’t agree with their decisions, etc.

However I support this proposal, whether Camelot is efficient or not, or its launchpad projects are suffering or not, doesn’t really matter. What matters is that Camelot is still a household name for Arbitrum, and the dex that onboarded multiple protocols as they moved onto Arbitrum.

Despite my pessimism about Camelot’s ability to do so in a long-term manner, I believe that Camelot has provided sufficient value to the chain in the past. Additionally, it has plenty of potential to continue to do so, regardless of my personal beliefs.


Hello @Camelot thank you for your application! Your submission meets all requirements to be considered for a snapshot vote.

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Pearl would like an answer to this question:



Very cool that my last two posts got removed

Here is the edit:

The ask for 3 million ARB for a DEX that is consistently underperforming other Arbitrum DEXs with lower TVL in the Volume / TVL efficiency metric is crazy to me. The Camelot team has acted in negative ways from teams I have associated with so I cannot respect them or the ask for ARB incentives. I hope the community comes up with a standardized ARB incentive for DEXs, a flat award for all projects, and lets competitions / efficiency win out.

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Send it :saluting_face: Camelot has a lot of support from prominent native builders and has fleshed out multiple successful innovations that allow protocols to customize their liquidity needs and rewards.

I think Ice’s xARB token distribution methodology would be a great potential future addition FWIW.

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@Camelot Please note that funding will be streamed linearly. This means you will receive the same amount of funding every two weeks. If you would like to increase or decrease the incentives you distribute we recommend requesting the maximum amount you will need and then returning all ARB you do not use at the end of the program. An example of this can be seen below in Radiant’s application.

Please adjust your proposal to better fit the linear streaming process and please let me know if you have any questions regarding the topic.

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Hi everyone,

I absolutely support this grant proposal for several compelling reasons, but most importantly because it holds great promise for making a positive impact on the arbitrum ecosystem.

I appreciate how it stands out as a meticulously crafted initiative that avoids tired, copied templates. Their distribution plan is well conceived, with a significant focus on the ecosystem, which is a very big plus. I disagree with some comments above. The amount requested is super reasonable, especially when compared to other projects like GMX, which is requesting 14m.

In terms of setup, IMO Camelot is a frontrunner. They have a cool set of tools and pairs on their DEX to incentivize the entire ecosystem, not just core pairs. Their implementations of V2 and V3, spNFTs, Nitro pools, along with the recently introduced market maker rewards system and CL automated vaults, make it an excellent place to distribute incentives. Also, worth noting that current TVL and trading volume already look robust and sustainable.

Maintained liquidity consistently, setting it apart from other dexes, unlike multiple 3.3 DEXes that reached 100m+ TVL only to disappear a few months later. I would say is already proven secure place to park liquidity, something that newcomers to the ecosystem will appreciate.

Camelot has already achieved the remarkable status of being the number 1 native DEX on Arbitrum and one of the top 3 dexes overall on the chain. With their consistent efforts and contributions to the ecosystem, approving this proposal should be a straightforward decision for delegates.


Camelot has pushed a lot of activity on Arbitrum, and become a role model of what a “Native Project” should be aiming for.

The grant request seems in line with what I would expect to be used for a native project, that has proven what innovative tokenomics, met with strong partners can do.

Boosted APYs on LP pools will allow money legos like Abracadabra to leverage up on this spurred activity.

Looking forward for voting this, it has my full support!


Camelot is able to consistently reach the top 4 in daily volume/TVL efficiency.

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