[DefiEdge] [FINAL] [STIP - Round 1]

Hey @Jadmat thanks for this question bud, we stand out from others as our protocol is permissionless and its not just us creating the strategies, we enable market makers, strategy managers and protocols to even manage their liquidity themselves

Also our automated strategies have been quite advance as we also allow creating 20+ ranges in one strategy, enable ERC 20 as LP tokens and also set limit orders. With this our strategies are rebalanced without swaps and thus limiting IL

Though this market is too big for one to capture and everyone adds their own flavor to the dexes ecosystem

Could you share where the arb will be allocated to?

a breakdown of the DEXs and pools. thanks

We support this grant proposal, which aims to elevate the Arbitrum ecosystem’s liquidity efficiency through strategic collaborations with key decentralized exchanges.
This well-rounded approach addresses vital aspects of liquidity and adoption, making it an essential initiative for Arbitrum’s growth.


We have reviewed DeFiEdge’s proposal and are impressed by their commitment to improving liquidity in the Arbitrum ecosystem. The well-structured allocation breakdown with the aim of optimizing liquidity across major DEXs on Arbitrum is commendable. We eagerly anticipate their contributions and their potential impact.

As the ITU Blockchain delegation team, we will closely follow updates and have voted “for” this proposal. Best wishes to the team!