Delegate Incentive Program Questions and Feedback

It is 1 point for commenting on the proposal (we do not consider the number of comments) as long as they are constructive comments. We will clarify this in the document:

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Hello, I have submitted my application on the topic. However, due to the renewal of my documentation, I am unable to complete the KYC process for a couple more weeks. Should I keep my current submission or resubmit it after I complete the KYC?

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The first payment (if the requirements are met) will be made in the first days of April. Before that you can make the KyC. However, this does not cancel your registration to the program.

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Thanks, What happens if our wallet is compromised for any reason? Are we able to introduce a new wallet to the Karma dashboard to preserve our previous delegation actions while enabling us to vote with a new wallet? Before I post my communication thread and finalize my application, I need to take some security measures first.

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Please note that if you sign up now we will start measuring your activity until next month. As stated here:

Regarding your question, if your wallet is hacked you have to re-delegate to the new wallet and you will be able to vote.

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Is there any way to transfer our previous delegation actions, such as our past votes, to our new wallet in the Karma dashboard? I understand that we need to re-delegate to the new wallet, but I am looking for a method to transfer our historical governance actions.

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mmm I think there is no way.

Yeah, the problem has not been addressed yet in crypto. However, I hope we could find a solution since we are working on our own version of governance dashboards, and we may be able to address such issues. Thanks anyway.


I see that for some reason the site does not display values for two parameters:

Communication Rationale (CR) 0 9 0
Commenting Proposal (CP) 0 0 0

Tell me why?

Hi @cp0x

Since CP and CR are more delicates parameters, SEEDGov is collecting this data manually. We’ll update this data near the end of the month.

If you got any other doubt, please let us know.

Just because this information is collected manually, it would be useful to obtain data at least once every 2 weeks.
Judging by the test months, many did not receive a certain number of points because they did not understand how the discussion parameters on the forum or in a thread are calculated correctly


Hi, we appreciate your feedback. This week we’ll be updating the data so to generate the least possible amount of confusion.

If this is the case, we have a FAQ and Best Practices Guide and a Thread with Questions and Feedback.

We are still recieving feedback as we want the program to keep improving and with this in mind we try to keep this as flexible as possible. If you have any other question in mind, don’t doubt telling us.

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Karma Automation and Program Improvement (CR & CP)

Hello everyone!

Over these months of experimentation, we’ve faced various challenges in order to enhance the performance of the delegate incentive program.

Motivated by the feedback from user @Cp0x, the SEED Latam team has held a meeting with the Karma team to address these concerns in the most efficient manner possible.

Karma Dashboard Communication Rationale Counting (CR)

We’ve noticed that not all delegates communicate their votes in the same way. While some use Communication Threads, others directly comment their vote in the proposal’s forum post.

Delegates are free to express their voting intentions the way they wish, but aiming to automate the process the Communication Thread is the most effective way to express Communication Rationale (as outlined in our FAQ and Best Practices thread). This way, Karma’s API can count CR in a more effective way.

Does this mean that if I don’t have a Communication Thread, my Communication Rationale won’t be counted? No. We will continue collecting data manually as we did during the test months, but this small action will greatly simplify the process.

Karma Dashboard Commenting on Proposal Counting (CP)

The second challenge we’re facing is tallying high-quality comments. Currently, Karma is working on integrating an AI that will assist in determining the quantity of high-impact comments present in each proposal of the month.

Note: High-level comments are those that contribute to the debate or enhance the quality of the proposal itself.

This AI is still in development and won’t be available during the first month of this program. Therefore, during this time, we will manually tally and evaluate relevant comments from each delegate.

SEED Latam Commitment

At SEED Latam, we’re collaborating with Karma to ensure the smooth functioning and evolution of the dashboard, enabling it to deliver the best possible performance for the delegate incentive program. Additionally, we’re continuously striving to enhance the program’s quality with collected feedback and our research efforts, aiming to establish it as a robust framework that can endure even beyond the experimentation period.

Our team will be working on gathering the necessary information to complete the Karma dashboard, which cannot yet be fully automated.


I have a problem with my points for March.
This morning I had more than 82 points, and now for some reason only 60. You can consider why the number was incorrect, taking into account the fact that I participated in all discussions and, in theory, should have maximum points.

Hey, just a heads up I caught that the Karma dashboard is referencing votes from April 2023 in the CR section.


Hi @Bob-Rossi ! Thanks for notifying us about this, we’ll fix it soon to start counting April’s score correctly.

Have a good day!

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Hey team,
do we think it’s really necessary to reiterate our rationale on the vota on Tally if it hasn’t changed since Snapshot?
I am a bit conscious of not spamming every thread in the forum.


@maxlomu It is not necessary, to follow up we only ask that you indicate that you voted in Tally that you kept the vote no further reasoning is necessary.

We are thinking of eliminating this “action” and others to avoid spamming for sure we will do it in the third month.


About the LTIPP vote :point_down: :point_down:


a reasonable solution, thnx :+1:

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