Delegate Incentive Program Questions and Feedback

Hello, I’d like to announce that we have updated our brand name to DAOplomats. I’d like to request these changes to be reflected in the karma dashboard as well as future posts. Thank you.


We had the same question as Max had but weren’t sure, thus reiterated our reasoning as a post (for GovHack EthCC) but felt like it’s not necessary. We’d like it to be widely announced if this is the rule. Thanks!

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Hey Tane!

I know it might seem unnecesary, but we’ll keep asking delegates to communicate their Tally votes even if they repeated their Snapshot reasoning.

Any parameter change will be communicated by SEEDGov.

We are working actively and open to feedback in order to improve this section of the program. If you got any ideas that could be helpful, please let us know!

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Please, clarify why PARTICIPATION RATE is calculated only onchain?


Previous month we had about 90 votes in Snapshot, is it possible to take into account not only Tally, but also Snapshot?

Hey cp0x, nice to have you here.

We primarily use onchain voting to lift this kind of metrics since Snapshots might not pass and Tally provides us with a great way to visualize if a proposal has indeed an impact in Arbitrum DAO.

Nevertheless, it’s important to say we are trying to upgrade this part of the program. We want to reward the most active users while still preventing gamification.

We already posted a Upcoming Changes Post. And we hope to see you in today’s open call to discuss this.

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How about STIP votes?
At first glance, there will be more than 25 votes this week.
Do we need to share our solutions for every vote?

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Hey cp0x!

Thanks for reaching out to us with this topic. We’ve received a few questions about this so we’ll clarify.

If we don’t make any announcement then we’ll simply stick to the rules stated on the proposal, so in this case there won’t be any exceptions


Since I am qualified for the Delegate Incentive Program and have applied for it, When should I step into the KYC? :thinking: :thinking:

KYC must be done after meeting the necessary requirements to receive compensation. If this month you have a TP of +60% you’ll be notified to start it. This measure is to avoid Arbitrum Foundation of unnecesary KYCs.

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Thank you for the explanation, looks Like I have a good shot.


Just to clarify your decision on “commenting on STIP Bridge challenge proposals” ( @cp0x 's question).

Delegates will need to add commentary for every STIP Bridge challenge proposal in order for it to get included in the Karma points for the month of May.

Is this correct?

I’m confused because when looking at the challenges only @0x_ultra, @mcfly and @Bob-Rossi have added responses.


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Hello everyone!

We saw some questions regarding if STIP bridge challenge proposals will be included in the May calculations, and the answer is Yes.

We want to remember that if we don’t make any announcement, the rules to the program Will it keep the same. Thank you!

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Hi! How long will be continue this delegate program?



I have a question regarding the proposals that were considered in May, which will be considered in June.

So, the ones in the image (tally) are the reference. In June, it would be these, right?

Besides that, regarding the points for feedback, should this be left in the proposals before going to snapshot, or is it valid to upload our comments even while in snapshot?

Maybe this has already been answered out there, but I missed a bit in May and want to make sure I’m getting up to date.

Thank you.


About JUNE results.
Here are a few links that support my comments on proposals and that are not noted in your June summary file (Commenting):

  1. Set up a Sub-Committee for the Security Services Subsidy Fund
  2. AIP: Nova Fee Router Proposal (ArbOS 30)
  3. AIP: Support RIP-7212 for Account Abstraction Wallets (ArbOS 30)
  4. Election of STEP Program Manager
    (Explained in detail my thoughts about this vote)
  5. AIP: Funds to bootstrap the first BoLD validator - Operational cost sentiment
  6. Multisig Support Service (MSS) Elections
    (Explained in detail my thoughts about this vote)

Please consider these links and take them into account in your final scoring calculation.
I take this work seriously and it is important to me that my participation in these discussions is not lost, I remember that I participated in all the important discussions.



Thank you so much for let us know this, we will check

Please, all disputes for this month should preferably be posted in the Delegate Incentive Program Results (JUNE 2024) post


Hi guys, Could you please confirm to me if the current Karma scores are legit?


Hey @Englandzz_Curia , Yes currently the scores are legit.


Dear Arbitrum Team,

We are current delegates with active participation in Snapshot and Tally votings. We are keenly interested in the Delegate Incentive Program, which provides 5000 ARB monthly to participants.

We would like to take part in this program, but currently do not have enough tokens to meet the 50,000 ARB requirement. Could you please clarify the duration of this program? Additionally, we are interested in understanding if Arbitrum might consider delegating tokens to us directly, given our active contributions and engagement.

Our contributions include the DSPYT and EVMExplorer platforms, which have garnered significant engagement on Twitter. EVMExplorer, in particular, serves as a valuable tool for delegates to better understand contracts. For reference, our Tally profile can be viewed here.

We look forward to your guidance on how we can actively participate in this program.


Empowering our members is the cornerstone of our thriving community at @Dspyt. We provide an arsenal of robust resources and immersive training programs, meticulously crafted to unlock the full potential of our members and catalyze meaningful contributions. By recognizing and handsomely rewarding high-quality contributions, we cultivate a culture of unparalleled excellence and relentless improvement. Our incentive structures undergo rigorous refinement based on real-time feedback and cutting-edge performance metrics, ensuring a seamless alignment with our collective goals.

In a groundbreaking collaboration with @SEEDGov, we have streamlined our processes to an art form, elevating the accuracy of performance tracking to unprecedented heights. This enables us to shine a spotlight on the most valuable contributions, igniting a profound sense of fairness and unwavering motivation among our participants. Moreover, we have fortified our ecosystem with state-of-the-art security protocols, creating an impenetrable sanctuary where members can engage with utmost confidence and make significant contributions without hesitation.

To further galvanize our members, we have developed a suite of sophisticated performance metrics that provide crystal-clear, actionable insights into individual and collective contributions. These metrics serve as a catalyst, propelling participants to reach for the stars, push the boundaries of innovation, and drive our ecosystem to new frontiers. This approach not only magnetizes new members but also fosters an unbreakable bond with our existing ones, creating a community that thrives on growth and excellence.

At the heart of our philosophy lies an unwavering emphasis on the quality of contributions. By setting an uncompromisingly high standard and celebrating groundbreaking innovations, we ignite a wildfire of creativity that spreads throughout our community. This dynamic ecosystem, constantly evolving and improving, not only enhances the overall value of our platform but also forges an indomitable collective spirit, empowering us to conquer our shared objectives with unrivaled determination. Together, we rise as an unstoppable force, ready to leave an indelible mark on the world.

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