Delegate Incentive Program Results (JUNE 2024)

We are proud to announce the initial outcomes of the third month of the Delegate Incentive Program. We can now share results with the Arbitrum ecosystem.

:family_man_woman_girl_boy: June Participants

For June’s iteration of the program, 53 participants enrolled, out of which 46 met the necessary requirements to qualify.

You can see the full list here.

:gear: Parameters Breakdown

:yellow_circle: Snapshot Voting

During the month, there were a total of 13 Snapshot Votes, which were considered for the assignment of scores by SV. It is important to note that only those proposals that ended in June were counted. These are the proposals that were taken into account:

  1. Set up a Sub-Committee for the Security Services Subsidy Fund
  2. AIP: Nova Fee Router Proposal (ArbOS 30)
  3. AIP: Activate Stylus and Enable Next-Gen WebAssembly Smart Contracts (ArbOS 30)
  4. AIP: Support RIP-7212 for Account Abstraction Wallets (ArbOS 30)
  5. Election of STEP Program Manager
  6. [NON-CONSTITUTIONAL] Pilot Phase: Arbitrum Ventures Initiative
  7. AIP: BoLD - permissionless validation for Arbitrum
  8. AIP: Funds to bootstrap the first BoLD validator - Bond sentiment.
  9. AIP: Funds to bootstrap the first BoLD validator - Operational cost sentiment.
  10. Pilot Stage – Treasury Backed Vaults research and development
  11. [Non-Constitutional] Betting on Builders: Infinite Launchpad Proposal
  12. ArbitrumHub Evolution: The Next Step in Streamlining Information Access and Raising Awareness for Arbitrum DAO
  13. Multisig Support Service (MSS) Elections

:large_blue_circle: Tally Voting

For this month, there were a total of 6 Tally Votes considered for TV scoring. It is important to note that only those proposals that ended in June were counted. These are the proposals that were considered:

  1. Front-end interface to force transaction inclusion during sequencer downtime
  2. Pilot Phase: M&A for Arbitrum DAO
  3. Catalyze Gaming Ecosystem Growth on Arbitrum
  4. Constitutional AIP - Security Council Improvement Proposal
  5. ArbitrumDAO Contribution; Safeguarding Software Developers’ Rights
  6. Kwenta x Perennial: Arbitrum Onboarding Incentives

:green_circle: Communication Rationale

For the CR, the published rationals of all the votes of the month were considered, taking into account Snapshot and Tally, that is to say, that to obtain the maximum qualification in this aspect a delegate had to express his rational of all the votes of the month, in other words, 19 (13 Snapshot + 6 Tally).

:orange_circle: Commenting in proposals

The 13 Snapshot proposals were considered.

:clipboard: May Results

You can see the dashboard with the results implemented by Karma here.

Of all the participating delegates, 36 were eligible to receive compensation.

Delegate Address Tally Profile PARB
L2BEAT 0x41626BA92c0C2a1aD38fC83920300434082B1870 Profile L2beat 4.882,31
404DAO 0xe93d59cc0bcecfd4ac204827ef67c5266079e2b5 404DAO Profile 4.826,92
cp0x 0x6f9BB7e454f5B3eb2310343f0E99269dC2BB8A1d cp0x Profile 4.790,00
BlockworksResearch 0xA160b58a0108BC139Aafc1dC67846fcc2aD6D4Cd BlockworksResearch Profile 4.736,92
GFXLabs 0xa6e8772af29b29B9202a073f8E36f447689BEef6 GFX Labs Profile 4.730,00
Bob-Rossi 0xb29A655f3D67B2B6724Fb22B2C2303cB660c946B Bob Rossi Profile 4.709,23
DAOplomats 0xd4879f876eE383067F80ACAdBE283B93141908e9 DAOplomats 4.498,06
Frisson 0xb5B069370Ef24BC67F114e185D185063CE3479f8 Frisson Profile 4.480,77
Jojo 0x1de39f894c2DC773C8A11862F58165EcC7611C91 Jojo Profile 4.434,62
PGov 0x3fb19771947072629c8eee7995a2ef23b72d4c8a PGov Profile 4.346,92
UADP 0x8326D18edfC50B4335113C33b25116ec268FF3fE UADP Profile 4.337,65
AranaDigital 0x0579A616689f7ed748dC07692A3F150D44b0CA09 AranaDigital Profile 4.175,34
MaxLomu 0xd333Bc5c9670C9cEb18f9A2CF02C6E86807a8227 MaxLomu Profile 4.150,13
Angela 0xD227Eb51Ab83bA818af3BD2b88ad6e7eD00F08D2 ocandocrypto.eth Profile 4.148,46
TreasureDAO 0x0eB5B03c0303f2F47cD81d7BE4275AF8Ed347576 TreasureDAO Profile 4.129,92
NathanVDH 0xf9551c66995ed3ff9bb05c9fd7ff148bd75dc99a NathanVDH Profile 4.125,38
0x_ultra 0x04330a444F9D051713b13c934d478a552165C205 0x_Ultra Profile 4.119,60
StableLab 0x9c489E4efba90A67299C1097a8628e233C33BB7B StableLab Profile 4.100,00
Griff Green 0x839395e20bbB182fa440d08F850E6c7A8f6F0780 Griff Green Profile 4.064,13
Tane 0xB79294D00848a3A4C00c22D9367F19B4280689D7 Tane Profile 4.047,42
jameskbh 0x714D8b5874b3a6a69f289f4e857F4C9670074296 Jameskbh Profile 3.904,34
Gauntlet 0xFd2892eFf2615C9F29AF83Fb528fAf3fE41c1426 Tally Gauntlet Profile 3.890,00
Karpatkey 0x583E3EDc26E1B8620341bce90547197bfE2c1ddD Karpatkey Profile 3.770,00
Savvy DeFi 0x4f54Cab19B61138e3c622a0bD671C687481eC030 Savvy DeFi Profile 3.718,02
0xCasio 0x47E98aA12dB2017295d33e94002521820442F827 0xCasio profile 3.698,42
Michigan Blockchain 0x13BDaE8c5F0fC40231F0E6A4ad70196F59138548 Michigan Blockchain Profile 3.625,59
Bruce 0x88Bd639d6B029596B029c61490F29f57b0bF4a3f Bruce1 Profile 3.533,20
MUX Protocol 0x2ef27b114917dD53f8633440A7C0328fef132e2F MUX Protocol 3.511,38
BristolBlockchain 0x43D3938Ebd74106e2d177f9A304C1E9f914f2b52 BristolBlockchain Profile 3.427,74
mcfly 0x821f2b40d965b81202b181Aba1c7a380C49Ed675 mcfly profile 3.378,62
Vertex Protocol 0x9D64c41eC3a1f49952dE2E16EBB0723022f75008 Vertex Protocol Profile 3.335,88
HiringDevs.eth 0x22aA1F4173b826451763EbfCE22cf54A0603163c hiringdevs.eth Profile 3.332,59
PrincetonBlockchain 0x18BF1a97744539a348304E9d266aAc7d446a1582 PrincetonBlockchain Profile 3.248,19
Larva 0x5f38BB373dccB91AD9Fd3727C2b9BaF6DF9332D3 Larva Profile 3.238,95
olimpio 0xF4B0556B9B6F53E00A1FDD2b0478Ce841991D8fA olimpo Profile 3.000,00
Kuiqian.eth 0xf3FE8c6c75bE4afB2F8200Fc77339abE4D7CFF33 Kuiqian Profile 3.000,00
Total 143.034,74

:gift: Bonus Points

There were no qualified delegates to receive Bonus Points this month.

:moneybag: Costs

We track all cost data for greater transparency in our Payment Distribution Thread.

:white_check_mark: Incentives to delegates (June)

According this the results presented before the total cost destined to the delegates this month will be 143.034,74 ARB

:family_woman_woman_girl_boy: New Members of the Program

As we said in previous posts, any delegate can apply to the program anytime.

We have one new participant that will be part of the program next month:

:rotating_light: [CALL TO ACTION!] Dispute Period

As stated in the proposal, delegates have 2 days to express their disagreement with the results presented by the Incentive System Administrator.

To raise a dispute, delegates should do so by posting a message in the forum using the following template:

Title: Dispute

User name

Reason for dispute (please detail)

:man_student: :woman_student: Conclusions

This month has been the one with the most compensated delegates so far. In terms of data collection it has been a busy month but not as big as May iteration of the program. We are delighted to see how delegate activity has evolved, demonstrating increased engagement and participation in governance processes.

Given the high volume of Communication Rationales (CR) collected this month, we acknowledge the possibility of errors. We invite all delegates to double-check our Table their recorded CRs to ensure accuracy.

Here you can see all the information related to CP and CR.

If you want to give any feedback, don’t hesitate to do it in this thread.


Title: Dispute


Reason for dispute: High impact comments.

I want to ask to add the following comments that introduced changes in the proposals.

  1. Betting on Builders: Infinite Launchpad Proposal

Suggestion of leveraging the MSS as the multisig. The authors accepted it.

  1. Pilot Stage: Treasury Backed Vaults research and development

I was the first to suggest using the ARDC to do part of the research on this, and that was one of the outcomes of the proposal.



thank you for notify us this, we will check and update the table


Another busy month, the delegate activity and engagement and participation in governance processes is so good considering the current market condition.

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Arbitrum’s economic security and governance, encourages representatives to continue active participation, and aligns the interests of token holders with the ecosystem’s long-term health.

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