Delegates Incentive Program Announcements & Updates

Hey! Great question. During the month SEEDGov’s team reads and reviews every comment of the considered proposals to see if they are adding value to the proposal itself. Besides the fact that March was the first official iteration of the program, we have run some tests during December, January and February. Those 4 months collecting results sharpened our eyes to determine which comments are great, which are average and which are just…spam.

SEEDGov’s compromise with this program is to upgrade the quality of discussions on Arbitrum DAO. And the truth is discussions quality will not upgrade if there are delegates trying to lazily game the program with the usage of LLM tools.

As stated in the approved Tally Proposal

Incentive System Ban

Should a delegate or any community member attempt to deceive or game the incentive system, they will be banned. This decision is at the discretion of the program administrator.

We must remember that this system is experimental, and we hope for community members’ cooperation for its success.

Besides that, we are actively working on new ways to detect comments that are generated with LLM tools.

If you have any other doubts, please let us know.

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