Exclude Layer2DAO

Layer2DAO was selected as a project for the DAO airdrop, but what happens is that its founders embezzled 75K OP given to them by the Optimims Foundation in their community airdrops, in the optimims governance forum a discussion with evidence is taking place , the founders are being called directly to clarify the tests and they have not done so, they only say that there is a campaign against them, I call users like FractalVisions, Dicaso, alexcutlerdoteth, jackanorak and the founders of Layer2DAO to this forum so that we can discuss about the embezzlement of OP funds that were assigned to them.

We want to use this discussion for the team to clarify the concerns of the community since in their discord if you ask something that the team does not, they simply ban you and delete your question

I believe that this type of project should be excluded from any airdrop.

Here are the unanswered questions

Research done by FractalVisions


More information here :arrow_down:


Thanks for sharing. Are you saying you would like to retroactively take their tokens back?

i’m not sure what results you are looking for.


what am I looking for? that they do not transfer the tokens that were assigned to them, and if they have already done so, that they do not take them into account for other rounds, since these people do not think about their community but about their personal benefit


I do understand that. However, how do we do this in a way that is fair, legitimate, and credibly neutral.

I’m a big fan of having people stake to earn their governance rights over time. If you stake for 3 months, you earn 80% of voting rights. Stake for 1 year = 90%. It can use a logarithmic curve.

This way even bad actors are forced to play into positive sum game theory to participate.


Makes you question Ramses and Sterling even more for partnering so fiercely with layer2dao doesn’t it, anon?


Exploring the monitoring section of the OP Gov forums may be a good way to get a better feeling for what has happened over on that protocol.


Yes they are frauds.

Yes it is proven they have used grant funds illegally (3 times so far!)

They could even be behind Dictum as they heavily promoted it and removed all tweets after the liquidity rug.

This is the best thread that summarizes what the optimism community has uncovered about the Layer2"dao" fraud as it pertains to embezzling OP.


Btw I got banned from Optimism governance because I have been calling L2DAO frauds and scammers unrelentingly. I hope Arbitrum does not have any rules against facts. (All of these statements are verfiable on-chain)


Just the fact that they are receiving funding from Arbitrum has made us hesitant to become involved with this network.

@DisruptionJoe please take a look at the forums from the other governance and how much chaos this has caused.

The governance had to restructure their whole rule system because of this.


It should be noted that this characters are listed above in person of dicasso and fractual are vindictive bitter persons who without facts have been perpetuating lies about l2dao amongst other heinous activities they have been pushing out in the op forum and space…this has resulted to them being banned by op foundation…without facts they have manage to consistently push out lies and lay out agenda for their personal gains …this has resulted with dicasso being banned from the op space and also fractual being banned as a delegate…

L2dao is a legit dao that has done so much in the l2 space and helped alot of projects and the community has not for once turned against them…I got one have numerous evidence where this conniving individual are actually intentionally fudding to cause harm and try to drive the value of whatever l2dao have down


Dicasso and fratual vision have been chased out of op forum and space and are trying to find some relevanve here on arb


The two people accusing L2Dao know these allegations have been shown to be nothing more than incorrect assumptions and misdirections. Notice how they leave out key information and assume what wallets belong to who or what organization. They also only linked to their threads, and not the response from Layer2Dao. This is intentional, and very similar to the way they have misdirected attention and spread misinformation in the past.

Both @Dicaso and @FractalVisions have been removed from Optimism governance because of their accusations with no basis and continuous fud on discourse and outside of OP governance. Fractal also doxxed another OP member and Dicaso’s project was removed from Twitter as well. They both have checkered pasts which show they are only out to destroy others in order to bring themselves up. Their motivation seems to stem from opening a rival nft exchange but honestly I don’t like to make assumptions and who knows. It’s sad that they have brought this same drama that’s making OP governance look bad over to Arbitrum.

You can see the strength and loyalty of our community by the delegations behind the dao on both chains. Anyone who is actually part of the community will tell you this is a team that has been building non stop through this bear market and profiting from it, along with the community. Anyone is free and welcome to stop by and check us out anytime. There’s people to guide you and answer questions on discord.

The goal has always and will always be to expand the l2 space. I have rarely met such passionate people.


Did you accuse Layer2Dao of being behind dictum without any evidence? Are you aware of how many protocols partnered with Dictum? With your assumptions of evidence Lido or Radiant could easily be behind Dictum.

Please show some decorum and stick to actual facts. Wild accusations only harm the overall ecosystem by making us all look like children.


Gentlemen, the issue is not for you to be saying if X or Y person was banned from some other forum, we need you to clarify the accusations directly, answer the answers one by one of the questions that are mentioned above, they have never shown anything against the evidence, they always try to evade and attack others, apart from the fact that people were banned from the discord servers if they ask something regarding this topic, and that goes against the community rules, because they ban people from your servers? Can you start by answering that? @acidhoe @Clodd007
instead of starting to attack people


The answers are clearly there in their reply in the op forum but you clearly choose to ignore but bring your fud here is a matter you know nothing about or did you fact check ,these two teams are still recognised as part of the op ecosystem you claim they run foul of, remember that none of these bad actors lost a dime to these projects but choose to be bitter and vindictive in a harmful for their personal gain…

The replies are there but you chose to ignore and paint them in a bad light.


Issued cleared up there and yet fudding them here is what you think can blacklist them? You lie bro…we have seen these bad actors create pseudo account on op forum and space to bully and fud projects for fun …this is a fact…


Bringing this same energy would not work…grow some balls and we don’t need negative energy in the l2 space…


Unfortunately not my place to answer, I’m just a concerned l2dao community member and Arb holder. It’s not intended as an attack, it’s to show that we’re all here on Arbitrum humoring the false accusations of people who have already failed in the same false accusations elsewhere. Thanks for reminding me to be civil. I’ll try to choose my words more carefully in the spirit of good faith.

The response from the Dao and several core team was already given on Optimism. You can ask them to post it here by tagging them, ask them to respond to you, or read it for yourself.

It is concerning is that you ignore the blatant lies and attacks of “l2dao is dictum” to pause and remind me not to attack others. We were all harmed by Dictum either directly or indirectly. I’d ask that you look into it before choosing what to believe. The information is on the chain, yes, but many assumptions were made in the research of which wallet belongs to which person. For example, if you assume any wallet I send anything to is my wallet, you’ve already shown your research is flawed.

The only people I know that were banned was because the posted pics of the Dao logo with “scam” written across it, which will get you banned in any discord. It’s incorrect to assume people have been banned for asking. Many people came and asked and it’s been discussed several times with no issue.


thank you for the information, hopefully it can benefit us all