Experimental Delegate Incentive Test #3

Motivated by the completion of test #1 (December 2023) & test #2 (January 2024), we decided to conduct a new test with the data provided by the delegates for February 2024.


It is important to note that for this new test, we took into consideration only those delegates that applied on the application thread of the program until the end of February. The other delegates that didn’t apply to the program or apply after February were not taken into the calculations.

With these criteria, we proceeded to manually load the data of all the delegates in a table. The following raw data were obtained.

Test month

For the elaboration of this test, we have taken February 2024 as a sample. Where we collected information from the delegates for February about their:

  • Snapshot votings (SV)
  • Tally votings (TV)
  • Communication Rationales (CR)
  • Comments in proposals (CP)
  • History Tally Participation rate (PR)

Proposals considered

Just like the test #2 (January), we took in consideration those proposals that ended on the month of study, in this case, February


  1. AIP: Changes to the Constitution and the Security Council Election Process
    (Ended February 5)

  2. Final: Arbitrum Stable Treasury Endowment Program
    (Ended February 7)

  3. AIP: ArbOS Version 20 “Atlas”
    (Ended February 9)

  4. AIP: Batch Poster Manager and Sequencer Inbox Finality Fix
    (Ended February 12)

  5. [Non-Constitutional]: Empowering Early Contributors: The community Arbiter Proposal 2.0
    (Ended February 13)

  6. Proposal: [Non-Constitutional] Funding for Into the Dungeons: Machinata - a PvP Digital Miniature Game V2
    (Ended February 15)


  1. Proposal [Non-Constitutional]: Establish the ArbitrumDAO Procurement Committee
    (Ended February 4)

  2. Long Term Incentives Pilot Program
    (Ended February 18)

  3. Changes to the Constitution and the Security Council Election Process
    (Ended February 24)

Table: FEB24 (60% TP)

According to the criteria expressed above (TP 60%), in conjunction with the results of the calculations in the table, the delegates that would receive compensation would be as follows:

To see the complete table click here.

Test Results

As in the previous test, despite the fact that the program is designed to give incentives to the TOP 50 thin people who meet all the criteria, for the month of February 2024 only 15 Delegates met enough attributes to obtain compensation. These can be viewed below:

We would like to emphasize that the requirements are not exhaustive. Even if you are a delegate with a low Participation Rate (PR%) but with active participation during the month you can exceed 60% of the required TP.

In case there is any error in the data upload or any other concerns, we encourage the community to provide feedback to make this process as accurate as possible.


  • As a source of truth we used Tally votes, Snapshots and delegate comments posted on the Forum.
  • While we understand that delegates use other platforms to discuss, for the moment we will only use these platforms as a source of truth, in the future if the DAO wishes, new sources can be added.
  • For this test, only comments during the month of February were considered.
  • As in the previous test and as mentioned in the proposal @cattin should not be included in the accounting.


In this third and final test we were able to try out new ideas to optimize the framework before its official first month of the program (March). These new ideas helped us to see more of the true potential of the program. However, for this program to have the desired effect, the active participation of the forum delegates is necessary.

In this test the table was filled in manually, so there may be a human error factor. To address this we are actively working with Karma to automate the counting of certain parameters.

As in the previous test there was a low number of delegates who met all the requirements to be compensated.

Once the program starts, we are confident that there will be a greater dynamism in the DAO and a better organization when it comes to voting, commenting and communicating voting intentions.

We invite all delegates to apply for the program and fill in the template with all the information requested in this thread.

In case you have any questions, need help or think you can give feedback on how to improve the program, you can do so by posting in this thread.

We encourage delegates to participate and give their best effort to improve participation in the forum and the arbitrum ecosystem in general.

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