Fix Fee Oversight ArbOS v20 "Atlas"

The Princeton Blockchain Club supports this Security Council action, and is in favor of reducing both the L1 surplus fee and L2 base fee. Although this is likely to reduce the DAO’s revenue by a significant amount, we believe the improvement in UX and potential uptick in usage should help make up for it. The L2 space continues to grow more competitive, and if the Nitro stack can handle these parameter changes (as demonstrated with Arbitrum Nova), we should implement them to maintain our edge.

We would like to see further research in optimizing these parameters, however.

To compete against other network the equation is good tech + low gas fee = adoption.
Voted FOR on both options to let the Arbitrum onchain economy flourish.

Supportive of this action being executed solely by the security council.

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DAOplomats (previous DAOStewards) voted in favor of setting L1 surplus fee and L2 minimum base fee.

Irrespective of the impact on the DAO’s revenue, reducing gas cost for users is imperative. Plus, the lower revenue is only going to be for a short term so updating these configurations at this time is great.

However, in the future, shifting away from full contract upgrade in these situations makes the most logical sense. @krst highlighted it and it is something we should definitely look into

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Michigan Blockchain voted to Set L1 surplus fee and L2 minimum base fee. We believe this is the best move as far as gaining market share and keeping Arbitrum competitive as an L2. While the +90% estimated decrease in profit is astonishing, we thought the long term benefits of introducing the “grocery-store” business model would outweigh the immediate profit loss, especially with the Dencun upgrade.

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Looks okay to me, let’s get it done .

I voted in favour of this in Snapshot temp-check. I see no reason why to vote against, as this fixes a small bug in the context of the Dencun ETH upgrade, and it updates necessary config parameters. Voting FOR.