[Galxe] [FINAL] [STIP - Round 1]

The OpenOcean team has had the pleasure of engaging with Galxe on multiple fronts, and we’ve always found their team to be dedicated and professional. Their contributions, especially in simplifying the NFT processes, have been noteworthy in the space.

We commend their proposal’s clarity and purpose-driven approach, which, we believe, aligns well with the overarching goals of Arbitrum. Their commitment to optimizing resources and their transparent approach to fund allocation is both responsible and commendable.

We fully support Galxe’s endeavors and believe that their proposal would contribute positively to the Arbitrum ecosystem. Well done, team Galxe!

Michigan Blockchain supports this proposal with the requested amount being justified given the sustainable benefits to the Arbitrum ecosystem and having conducted an in-depth reviewal process of all submitted STIP proposals. We appreciate Galxe’s effort in delivering a promising proposal and working with the community throughout the process.

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Galxe’s incentivization for all kinds of activities on Arbitrum creates a broader space for users and, therefore attracts more users to the ecosystem. It is worth mentioning the proposal also provides a strengthening for NFT use in the ecosystem. Considering all of this, we think the proposal is worth supporting, thus we are giving our vote in favor of this proposal.

Galxe informs the community that our multisig has changed from a 2/5 to a 2/2.

Congratulations on the very good progress, keep it up