Gamma STIP Program Updates

[Gamma] Bi-Weekly Update 10


Original Proposal and Snapshot

Recap of the Previous Two Weeks

Gamma entered the last period of the STIP feeling confident about our allocations going to the right pools. Gamma has begun transitioning to the final report format and reviewing statistics.

ARB Received Last Disbursement:


ARB Utilized as Incentives in the Last Two Weeks:


Gamma STIP Dashboard

Contracts incentivized over the last 2 weeks:

Gamma Vault Vault Address ARB P10
WETH-USDC (narrow) 0xd7Ef5Ac7fd4AAA7994F3bc1D273eAb1d1013530E 4000.00
ARB-USDC (narrow) 0x29237292F15BC3615BFCc0D958C265Aa64527FB2 5000.00
WETH-USDT (narrow) 0x9330e26b5Fc0b7c417C6bD901528d5c65BE5cdf2 3000.00
WETH-ARB (narrow) 0x863cb3E55526Fa2F7e6b04ecf21Ea39143AC8056 5000.00
WETH-LINK (narrow) 0xF3557102C0cCBE07EE237B6eE70984f313886432 1000.00
MAGIC-WETH (narrow) 0x6F8401bd348B3f8cDabc8C81dbD0Ac255abCB4e5 850.00
GRAIL-WETH (narrow) 0x97D81162B96D57476CcF170595a39c1DC76676c9 800.00
WETH-GMX (narrow) 0x9bdb8335619bA4E20Bea1321f8E32f45fD6e6e22 678.14
PENDLE-WETH (narrow) 0x05F3ABD2B008e8b36a410F3C42E703cB776CeCD0 1000.00
ARB-USDC (narrow) 0x524D49847E644eD908d65396166EaCeF5C2D2a41 4000.00
WETH-ARB (narrow) 0x8909ae223c31F35763c60f06B358F7963687f3eB 3000.00
WETH-USDC (narrow) 0x81639d88451c96b8eff9fa5206Da2F1147Bc3067 2500.00
ARB-USDC.e (narrow) 0x5F4cED6237BBB278b693a2b46d3ef1f45ba27ea9 6200.00
ARB-USDT (narrow) 0x95375694685E39997828Ed5B17f30f0A3eD90537 5000.00
MAGIC-WETH (narrow) 0x9F0166a37A511d2D6647864Dd0abDc1Ef6699a0C 3800.00
RDNT-WETH (narrow) 0x2BCBDD577616357464CFe307Bc67F9e820A66e80 1000.00
USDC-LINK (narrow) 0xf8b645c32F660f5c997ED250f264cA4a0E7A5967 2000.00
WETH-LINK (narrow) 0xfA392dbefd2d5ec891eF5aEB87397A89843a8260 2500.00
WETH-ARB (narrow) 0xdaB1dA56965B1aaaBE38774E8B74C3Ade8fc439E 1275.00
WETH-ARB (narrow) 0x2FD6FD1E3f1fE24cC1422D22e62884A4528d1A24 1275.00
TOTALS 53878.14
Camelot 21328.14
Ramses 9500.00
Uniswap 20500.00
PancakeSwap 1275.00
SushSwap 1275.00

Gamma STIP Dashboard

Contract address label Form completed for all addresses.


ARB left over:


Plan for leftover ARB:


Summary of incentives:

Camelot’s pools received approximately 40% of our incentives. Uniswap received about 38% of the available incentives, Ramses 18%, PancakeSwap 2% and SushiSwap 2%.

The incentives were spread over various pools, including blue chip pairs, Arbitrum-native projects, critical multichain infrastructure, stablecoins, and undercapitalized pools.

Incentives were distributed using Camelot Nitro, GammaChef, Angle Merkl, and Ramses’s MFD.

Additional Info / Disclosures to Multisig:

No disclosures or additional information.


Average daily TVL:

$21,258,688 / day on incentivized vaults

Average daily transactions:

767 / day on incentivized vaults

Average daily volumes:

$54,809,422 / day on incentivized vaults

Number of unique user addresses:


Transaction fees:

$83,662 / day on incentivized vaults

Link to Dashboard showing metrics:

Gamma STIP Dashboard

Metrics Tab

Next Period

Amount of ARB to be distributed: [Insert amount of ARB]


Contracts that will be incentivized:


[Gamma STIP

|## Contract address label Form completed for all addresses:


Mechanism for distribution incentives:


Summary of incentives plan:


Summary of changes to the original plan: