[Good Entry][FINAL][STIP - Round 1]

I was going to reply seriously to the proposal to analyse the application, but honestly the bots are stupid and an awful look. It is hard for me to take the application seriously if you are resorting to paid shills.

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You have my full support team!

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Hi, I’m Masterbean founder of Good Entry. Many of our community have fought for us through thick and thin. I do not appreciate calling my friends like God Mode etc bots. We are a community driven project. We do not have the funds to do paid shills. This is not in the good spirit of how the Arbitrium Community was built. They express their good views, because they have made money on the platform. If you have explored our Dune, you can see on all available metrics, we have grown in terms of number of users, position size, tvl, etc. Without any help externally. All community driven. So please do not insult our community.


Always Support to Arb -Eco :+1:

One part of governance is users really devoting their effort to letting their voice be heard. We believe this is an unfair judgment of our community. Take a look at our community. How they have pushed very hard even when we went through hard times. IF this is what arbitrum stands for, for what are we fighting so hard as Arbi Maxis? But for why are we pushing to drive momentum and climb the DeFi Llama Rankings?

We didn’t take any single cent from VCs. We built ourselves from the ground up. We will not take any shade on our community. If you are serious about diligence. Go look at out Dune and Discord. Do not implement bias prematurely.

We demand an apology.


The project is nothing special, the product is not neat.

Do not agree with this suggestion. You should spend a lot of time building the product before coming here

tnorm said it’s a waring for encouraging the comunity spaming this thread. If your project good, we’ll all know. I think demanding an apology is invalid.


I’d like to invite you to come and TEST the product yourself before giving such distasteful comment. Don’t behave as if you are building something unique or special for the sake of Arbitrum when you are not. Your presence itself is nothing special.

With all due respect, its weird to read this accusation from somebody with nick “meyaf320219”. You can find my twt account and see my posts on GoodEntry. I’ve spent hours and hours creating videos for this project for free, cause I have money on platform and I really believe their product is quite unique.

It would be very useful, if you could refer to another projects with the same or better features. They have functioning product tested by community.

Why do you mark us as bots? Finally, one of the few “no VCs funding” projects, where community is key player and with interesting product. Not just another GMX fork.

Good Entry is a totally new idea for trading platform.
The potential is huge.

Good Entry is the first of its kind with 2 major features:
A) Ezvault - which allows users to add liquidity for the perpetual trades while illuminating Impermanent Loss. Users deposit 1 asset and reap the rewards with absolutely zero Impermanent Loss with out a doubt the worst and biggest risk to investors. Anyone investing in enough LP’s will know this is the biggest problem to be addressed & fixed. Good Entry has fixed this number one problem.

B) Protected Perpetuals - which allow traders to trade with leverage and pay an hourly funding rate. The benefits of this Being the trader is Protected from sharp price movement (ie scam wick). This allows traders to trade with an extra layer of protection that other protocols and exchanges simply do not have.
These are the 2 major features of Good Entry however the benefits are endless. This would be a perfect project for the Arbitrum grant in my opinion.


It appears we are misunderstanding the good of tnorm as a community. He is right and good. It’s not an easy job to focus the attention of delegates to do diligence on projects. The purpose of governance is a serious action where resources are allocated for projects to advance the ecosystem.

For that, I have to apologise for my earlier tone and knee-jerk reaction to reading the comment.

As much as the Good Entry community wants to give a vote of confidence to the proposal. HOW we do it matters. Focus should be on discussion on the merits of the proposal, to identify blindspots so the team can review, to find ways to make things happen.

There are many forms of good. Verbal endorsement is one form of Good. What I believe we need to focus more on is healthy debate on mechanics.

So, if you are a Good Community member, focus on seriously evaluating the proposal and find ways to make things work. All other discussions are not productive and a waste of energy.

We are Arbi Maxis, One Team One Dream One Ecosystem and we move forward


you make a fair point for our reflection. thank you and we appreciate that.

I do apologise for misunderstanding tnorm’s intentions. IF the community wants to indicate their support, they need to find a different way. However, we do hope he understands, our project does not mobilise bots to spam. That is not our way. We invite any governance participants to visit our twitter and discord to understand our good and our values

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These are the type of projects that deserve the full support of the Arb Ecosystem. They are refreshing innovative, original and team carries itself with integrity and positivity. People will be excited to use and I see them adding more liquidity and Use for the entire Arb Ecosystem. I hope they get supported more.


GoodEntry is a fantastic project!
ezVaults are “set and forget” as much as can be in crypto land…
Protected Perps are imho the biggest innovation of this project and it should bring lots of new traders to trade perpetuals, who were afraid of liquidation risks so far.
More eyes need to see it definitely!


No need to say much, goodness is always good.

The truth is still the truth no matter how hard it is to hear.

Why will I support GoodEntry?

  • Grant requested is appropriate to the current project performance. In comparison to other grant applications IMO team could apply for higher grant.
  • Strong community involvement, with no VCs funding.
  • Grant will not be used for development or operational costs. Project was subject to several audits and has been tested by community.
  • Grant is meant as a bonus to incentivise first time users to participate in the platform. This should be appreciated.
  • Although grant is supposed to be used for ezVaults, it should be strengthened that GoodEntry also offers very innovative feature – Protected Perpetuals, a very innovative tool to protect traders from scam wick.