Hi @meyaf320219

Thanks for the comment. Let us address each of them.

1.) There seems to be some misunderstanding, but HMX is NOT a fork of GMX. Our code base is original and we do have a lot of features that differentiate ourselves from other pool-based PerpDEXs - some of them are mentioned in the proposal here such as cross-margin and multi-collateral support. For a full list of features, I invite you to visit our Docs.

I am also sharing a tweet we did a while back, where we did an infographic on features comparison if you want a quick summary: https://twitter.com/HMXorg/status/1686995314451079168

2.) I am not sure what you mean by “aggressive” incentives, but here are some stats:

  • Our community incentive rewards will run for four years
  • While we do have a decaying emission schedule, we are not overly frontloading the incentives and only shift an additional 9% to the first year incentives. I don’t think that it is atypical of a protocol to do this to drive adoption.