Long Term Incentives Pilot Program

The ITU Blockchain Delegation Committee acknowledges the challenges faced during the STIP voting process and aims to turn them into constructive opportunities. Notably, ITU Blockchain has demonstrated commitment by thoroughly voting on all 97 proposals in the STIP, accompanied by detailed rationales available here. The committee is excited about replicating this engagement in the LTIP and emphasizes the positive impact of retroactive community funding in encouraging project votes. While appreciating the innovative concept of the research treasury, the committee suggests enhancing clarity on research grants, defining expectations for researchers, and specifying response times for inquiries to foster community involvement and inspire creative ideas. In a positive light, a comparison between LTIP and STIP treasuries indicates potential growth, attributed to an extended timeline (18 weeks) and consistent ARB token allocations. Consequently, the committee lists its votes as follows: Fund with program 45.815.000, Fund with program 35.815.000, Fund with program 25.815.000, and against.

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