[MetricsDAO] [DRAFT] [STIP - Round 1]

MetricsDAO | Arbitrum Community Analytics Initiative


Applicant Name: MetricsDAO

Project Name: MetricsDAO | Arbitrum Community Analytics Initiative

Project Description: MetricsDAO mission involves bringing together the decentralized Web3 community and data enthusiasts to create a hub for data-driven insights, learning, and collaborations. As part of our commitment to the Arbitrum ecosystem, MetricsDAO will provide top-tier reporting and analysis, support educational initiatives, and facilitate collaborative opportunities. This contribution aims to significantly enhance the Arbitrum ecosystem by providing invaluable data-centric services.

But MetricsDAO is more than just a DAO; it’s a vibrant and diverse ecosystem comprising over 8,500 data enthusiasts with a wide range of backgrounds and skills. Within this dynamic community, we are dedicated to elevating the Web3 landscape through the application of high-quality data insights, advanced analytics, and innovative models. Our community encompasses individuals passionately exploring the intricacies of data as well as organizations striving for analytical excellence. Together, we are redefining the boundaries of Web3 and advancing the power of data in this decentralized era.

Team Members:

Project Links:

Contact Information:

Do You Acknowledge That Your Team Will Be Subject to a KYC Requirement?:

  • Yes


Requested Grant Size:

  • 1,000,000 $ARB

Grant Matching:

  • No matching funds

Funding Address: 0x89E858E0EB8CB90c66Bb756a83112eeBB76e0cf0

Funding Address Characteristics: 2/4

Contract Address: This information will be provided once the proposal has launched.

MetricsDAO is seeking a total of 1,000,000 ARB, with specific allocations for each phase and objective.

Grant Breakdown by Phases:

  • Phase 0: 250,000 ARB (25%) | October 12 - November, 2023
  • Phase 1: 250,000 ARB (25%) | November 1 - November, 2023
  • Phase 2: 250,000 ARB (25%) | December 1, 2023 - December 31, 2024
  • Phase 3: 250,000 ARB (25%) | January 1, 2023 - January 31, 2024

Grant Breakdown by Objectives:

  • Education: 375,000 ARB (37.5% of Total Funds)

    • Aimed at developing and delivering specialized blockchain analytics courses focusing on Arbitrum blockchain, data, and ecosystem. Students will delve into protocol growth, blockchain processes, and will learn to perform analyses using SQL and other tools, contributing significantly to the Arbitrum ecosystem.
    • Expected to educate and train over 5,000 current and new data enthusiasts on Arbitrum blockchain data and analytics.
  • Network Development and Analytical Reports: 250,000 ARB (25% of Total Funds)

  • Analytical Challenge Series: 375,000 ARB (37.5% of Total Funds)

    • Dedicated to executing an analytics challenge series, with over 200,000 tokens expected to be distributed as rewards to participants.
    • Designed to foster innovation, critical thinking, and competitive analytics among participants.


Objective #1: Education

  • Description:
    • Develop and deliver blockchain analytics courses focusing on Arbitrum, expected to educate and train over 5,000+ data enthusiasts on Arbitrum blockchain data and analytics.
    • Funding allocated towards curriculum developers, instructors, TAs, and production costs.
  • KPIs:
    • Number of analysts educated and trained on Arbitrum blockchain data (competency of an entry-level analyst)
    • Quality of content as measured by NPS and social testimonials
    • Speed of iteration measured by and modern day relevance (content up-to-date)
  • ARB Allocation: 375,000 ARB (37.5% of Total Funds)

Objective #2: Network Development and Analytical Reports

  • Description:
    • Partner with 5+ networks within MetricsDAO’s community of analysts to develop deep analytical reports on the Arbitrum ecosystem, providing invaluable business insights and fostering mutual growth and understanding.
    • Funding allocated towards MetricsDAO networks (teams) for development of reports and tools.
  • KPIs:
    • Number of projects delivered (e.g. analytical reports, forecasting model)
    • Quality and impact of the projects delivered (e.g. meets SLA & MetricsDAO review standards)
  • ARB Allocation: 250,000 ARB (25% of Total Funds)

Objective #3: Analytical Challenge Series

  • Description:
    • Execute an analytics challenge series, fostering a competitive and innovative environment, and rewarding top blockchain data enthusiasts with over 250,000 tokens.
    • Additional funding allocated towards challenge design and submission review.
  • KPIs:
    • Number of participants and submissions
    • Quality of submissions (meets MetricsDAO review standards)
    • Quantitative feedback (NPS score)
  • ARB Allocation: 375,000 ARB (37.5% of Total Funds)

Impactful KPIs:

  • Education: Over 5,000 analysts are educated and trained on Arbitrum blockchain data and analytics, fostering a knowledgeable and competent community.

  • Analytical Challenge Series: Over 200,000 tokens are distributed throughout a 52-week analytical challenge series, promoting innovation and competitive analytics.

  • Network Development and Analytical Reports: Successful collaboration with 5+ networks to craft in-depth analytical reports, providing invaluable insights and contributing to the comprehensive understanding of the Arbitrum ecosystem.

  • Community Participation: Significant increase in community participation and engagement through decentralized learning and collaborative initiatives, strengthening the community bond and promoting a collaborative ecosystem.

How will receiving a grant enable you to foster growth or innovation within the Arbitrum ecosystem?

  • MetricsDAO’s integration with Arbitrum will bring a significant boost to the ecosystem by enhancing data analytics, education, and community collaboration. With the grant, we will educate and train over 5,000 data enthusiasts on Arbitrum blockchain data and analytics, creating a knowledgeable community. We’ll also collaborate with 5+ networks to develop in-depth analytical reports, providing valuable insights for businesses. Additionally, we’ll execute an analytics challenge series, fostering innovation and rewarding top blockchain data enthusiasts. These initiatives will drive growth, understanding, and engagement within the Arbitrum ecosystem, making it more vibrant and robust.

Justification for the size of the grant:

  • The requested 1,000,000 $ARB grant is justified by our comprehensive plan to deliver substantial value to the Arbitrum ecosystem. It will enable MetricsDAO to execute our educational programs, analytical reports, and challenge series effectively. We have meticulously allocated the funds to ensure that we can reach a wide audience, collaborate with networks, and incentivize participants in our challenges. This grant size reflects the scale and impact we aim to achieve within the Arbitrum community.

Execution Strategy:

Our execution plan involves specific allocations for each phase and objective:

  • Phase 0-3 Allocation: We’ve divided the grant across four phases, allowing us to sustain our initiatives over time and maintain community engagement throughout 2023 and into 2024.

  • Objective-Based Allocation: We’ve allocated funds based on the objectives of education, network development, and analytical challenges, ensuring that each aspect receives appropriate funding.

    • Education (37.5%): This allocation will support blockchain analytics courses, curriculum development, and training, targeting over 5,000 analysts.
    • Network Development and Analytical Reports (25%): This allocation will facilitate collaborations with 5+ networks for in-depth analytical reports.
    • Analytical Challenge Series (37.5%): These funds will be used to execute a competitive challenge series, distributing over 250,000 tokens as rewards.

Our resources include a team of core contributors with diverse expertise, ensuring the successful execution of our initiatives. We will utilize the funds for curriculum development, partnerships with networks, challenge design, and community engagement. We are also committed to risk management, ensuring prudent use of funds, and delivering on our promises to the Arbitrum community.


Is the Protocol Native to Arbitrum?:

  • No. MetricsDAO is not a protocol but a service provider offering support to a community of data enthusiasts, analysts, and developers, focusing on analyzing, creating, and utilizing the Arbitrum ecosystem and protocol. It is a platform that integrates with Arbitrum to bring education, analytics, and community-driven initiatives to its users, to promote the understanding and adoption of Arbitrum’s technologies.

On what other networks is the protocol deployed?:

  • Not applicable. As a service provider and community platform, MetricsDAO supports activities related to various blockchain networks, including but not limited to Arbitrum, to foster learning, collaboration, and innovation in blockchain analytics. In the past we have deployed the Metrics App on polygon. In the future, if resources are available and the community decides through governance to expand, we may deploy to other chains.

What date did you deploy on Arbitrum?:

  • MetricsDAO has not deployed a protocol on Arbitrum but has been integrating and supporting Arbitrum-related activities and analyses since December 2022, enhancing the community’s understanding and engagement with the Arbitrum ecosystem.

Protocol Performance:

  • MetricsDAO has been pivotal in driving analytical understanding, fostering education, and enhancing community engagement across various blockchain ecosystems. The platform has successfully facilitated numerous educational initiatives, analytics challenges, and collaborative projects, contributing to the robust growth and development of the communities it supports.

Protocol Roadmap:

  • MetricsDAO aims to continue its mission of bringing high-quality analytical insights, education, and community-driven initiatives to blockchain ecosystems, including Arbitrum. The future roadmap includes the development of more comprehensive analytical tools and reports, extensive educational content, and increased collaboration with various blockchain networks to further the understanding and adoption of decentralized technologies.

Audit History:

  • Not applicable. MetricsDAO does not deploy protocols and hence does not have a protocol audit history. However, the platform maintains high standards of security, transparency, and integrity in all its operations and initiatives.


Is your team prepared to create Dune Dashboards for your incentive program?

  • Yes, MetricsDAO is equipped with in-house data scientists and external data experts to develop comprehensive Dune Dashboards to monitor and report the progress of the incentive programs effectively.

Does your team agree to provide bi-weekly program updates on the Arbitrum Forum thread?

  • Yes, MetricsDAO commits to providing regular updates on the Arbitrum forum thread, ensuring transparency and continuous engagement with the community.

Compliance Acknowledgement:

  • Yes
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Hello @Aaron_L thank you for submitting! Please make the following changes to your proposal to comply with the program rules.

  1. Grant funds may only be used to incentivize Arbitrum contracts and can not be used for “education”, or “Analytics reports”.

This programme does not cover DAOs, communities such as metricsDAO. However on education issues you can check out the QB programme.

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Thanks for the feedback. We will work to update the proposal