[Non-constitutional] Proposal to fund Plurality Labs Milestone 1B(ridge)

Hi @axlvaz_SEEDLATAM.eth thanks so much for your questions. I’m a big fan of your work with SeedLatam, and I appreciate you giving me the opportunity to clarify a bit more information connected to the board.

Answers below:

  1. They are not part of the Thrive/Plurality Labs team. The purpose of the board is ensuring community feedback and oversight connected to our milestone 1b(ridge) and to support preparing for milestone 2. This is aligned with best practices from our Thrive team. It makes us better.
  2. We have made no offers or promises of future payments, and we’ve had no discussion about it. Historically, about half of Thrive’s community boards are paid. But any renumeration is mostly symbolic. Board members do it because they believe in the impact we can create together.
  3. One board member has received a grant from Plurality Labs - Pepperoni Joe’s R3gen Finance received a grant to produce a full DAO financial report. He is on the Treasure DAO ARB committee that votes on how treasure will vote in Arbitrum.
  4. L2Beat and DK both voted against that temp check- asking instead that we do the work we are proposing to do in a milestone 1b(ridge) before a Milestone 2.
  5. The responsibilities of the board are, generally, to ensure there is broad oversight and ongoing community feedback connected to all big community decisions. In the next few weeks, we will co-create a board charter, and we’ll make the charter available to the community for review.

Again, thanks so much for your contributions to our Arbitrum community, Axlvax. The delegate incentives has been fun and interesting to watch as it went from an idea to an implementation.