Open Discussion: Governance Tools and Mechanisms

I’ll get the conversation started by sharing a few things that are top of mind for me.

Some key ideas that are included in Expanding Tally Support for the Arbitrum DAO

  • Shielded onchain voting
  • Partial delegation
  • Including security council transaction on the DAO page on Tally
  • Adding proposal execution steps to proposal status on Tally
  • Integrating Karma delegate score on Tally
  • Adding a Snapshot diff checker and Discourse integration to Tally

Some key ideas @krst shared in the Expanding Tally Support for the Arbitrum DAO feedback

  • The ability to ‘subscribe’ to a DAO and receive email notifications for new votes (like Snapshot).
  • Fuzzy search when looking up delegates.
  • Ability to provide feedback on past votes (for example after half a year from the vote it might be a good idea to put some additional thoughts on the vote based on the execution of the proposal).
  • The ability for delegators to provide feedback for delegates based on their votes

Recent feedback from the Security Council election

  • Include security council votes on Tally profiles and voting history
  • Fuzzy search for security council election candidates

Ideas included in the Accelerating Arbitrum DAO GovHack proposal by myself @shawn16400 @hiringdevs.eth @hung-vu @cbxm

  • Redesigning and adding a voter guide to the proposal tempate
  • Integrating temperature check into the onchain voting process so delegates only have to vote once