Paul - Candidate for Security Council Election Sep/Oct 2023 - Bio and Platform

I’ve thrown my hat in the ring for a seat on the Arbitrum Security Council too. A bit late to the party but it’s something I’ve wanted to get involved with for a while since meeting up with Bartek (who is on the Security Council and a giga-brain on L2 security) earlier this year.

I can see some incredibly strong candidates already in the mix but I’m hoping to fill a gap with my legal experience and knowledge. I’ve got lots of experience responding to security incidents at an enterprise level which will help the Council navigate the off-chain issues that arise. I’ve drafted and maintained enterprise-grade opsec incident policies and procedures and represented Group Legal when incidents arose.

I’m also an early contributor on the Arbitrum Constitution so I’ve got a very strong understanding of the requirements for the role and some of the issues to be considered by Council members:

Some of my bio and (kinda) platform:

Feel free to drop any questions you might have in this thread or send me a DM - I’d be happy to respond.


Well, I didn’t make it this time but that was lots of fun!

I just wanted to thank @krst and the team at L2Beat, @PrincetonBlockchain and the dozens of other Arbitrum users who voted for me. I was genuinely moved by the support and hope to get your endorsement when I put my name up for the March cohort. I know I can make a valuable contribution to the Arbitrum ecosystem and can’t wait for the next election.

For now, best of luck to all the other candidates. The Arbitrum community is being spoilt for choice and I’m confident we’ll be in good hands.


yes we need more :+1: :+1: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

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