Proposal: Expand Metaverse Capacities of Arbitrum

Hello Arbitrum Community,

My name is 0xGarrett, on behalf of Scalene, based in Vancouver BC. I have been involved in the metaverse for the past 4 years, and building web3 in the space for the past 20 months. Projections indicate the metaverse will grow to over 1 trillion dollars in market value by 2029. To that end, I have built Scalene, the first niche-focused public ecosystem for 3D designers, 3D game developers, and metaverse builders here on Arbitrum.

Scalene provides a platform for creators to showcase and sell their work as blockchain assets, collaborate with other creators, and access a range of tools and resources to help them build their projects quickly and effectively. With Scalene, ALL builders have the ability to mint digital assets and gain access to crowdfunding or direct sales in a web3 environment, opening new sales channels for talented individuals and studios.

To become an integral part of a trillion dollar industry, I propose that the Arbitrum Foundation take the following initiatives to position itself well within this growing industry:

#1 Establish partnerships with new and existing open web3 metaverse platforms such as Spatial, VRLand, and CryptoVoxels to drive adoption of the Arbitrum network. This will give builders more places to bring their artwork and express themselves in a social and community-forward way. We need access to more open metaverse worlds, not one centralized mega corporation’s idea of the metaverse.

#2 Prioritize the development of tools and infrastructure that make it easier for ALL developers to create and deploy decentralized applications (dApps) in the metaverse. Provide assistance to builders to improve the user experience of dApps in the metaverse, making them more accessible and user-friendly.

#3 Foster a vibrant and engaged metaverse community by hosting events and hackathons that bring together developers, designers, and other stakeholders in the metaverse space. Avoid relying only on major corporations as seen in AIP 1 and others.

(1) As the first proposal in this segment, Scalene currently has a partnership with VRLand. With a delegation of $426,000, we can create a vibrant and useful open web3 marketplace inside the metaverse, including registration for land, ownership of assets, a legal framework for metaverse assets, and more.

(2) With an additional $426,000, we can work with our partner Jada AI to produce text to 3D / video to 3D elements so that people without necessary skills in 3D design can make use of these tools with only a smart phone or tablet at their command.

Currently we have an abundance of developers at our disposal in collaboration with our partners in AI, AGI, Web3, Metaverse, 3D gaming and solidity. We are ready to launch our V1 Beta as well. Please consider supporting this endeavor and we will bring this exciting market segment to Arbitrum now and into the future.

As a sign of our commitment, if this proposal is approved, Scalene will stay as a product only on Arbitrum and push for long term chain adoption and commit 35% of the delegation(s) to token liquidity.

#1 Global Metaverse Market Size, Share & Industry Analysis

Scalene Network Inc. is a registered company in Canada in direct partnership with Oprim Inc. (Canada) our strategic partners are industry professionals in their fields, (Belgium) and Jada AI (Mexico) and our VC backer, 0xCapital.

Scalene utilizes a utility token for creation of assets and an NFT that governs weekly airdrops, project voting and staking. Nothing in this post should be considered financial advice, tokens involved are purely for utility within the Scalene open-metaverse ecosystem.

Thank you for your consideration.


Edit: Replace “delegation” with “funding”. Appologies for any confusion.