STIP Data Monitoring and Reporting - Objective 1 - DefiLlama - [DRAFT]

This is a proposal for RFP - Abitrum Short-Term Incentive Program (STIP) Data Monitoring and Reporting

In the section “Grant/Protocol Data and Impact Analysis” of grant request, there are the following items to track:

  • Ecosystem Metrics
    • TVL
    • Transactions
    • Users
    • Fees Generated
    • Volume
  • Sector Analysis
    • DEX
    • Lend/Borrow
    • Yield Aggregators
    • Perpetuals
    • Etc.

These are all metrics that we’ve been tracking at DefiLlama, where we’ve provided tracking for DeFi projects on arbitrum ever since Arbitrum launched.

Given that we already track all these, I believe we are uniquely positioned to deliver on that request, as we already have a good track record on it and we can deliver it immediately, without requiring other teams to (likely) replicate the work that we have already done.

Another major advantage to our proposal is that we maintain our data and we have a track record of doing so for years. This is important because other engagements seem to have a fixed duration, so there’s a chance that, after the engagement ends, data will become stale and won’t be kept up to date, eventually losing most of its use as protocols upgrade. We’re constantly updating protocol adapters to match their latest updates, so we believe this risk is much lower in our case and instead data will be useful for much longer.

Project Timeline

We already have all this built, so delivery will be immediate.

Our proposal is does not aim to deliver on all the objectives of the original request (such as writing reports for the arbitrum DAO), but instead just a subset of them, which is reporting DeFi metrics such as fees, TVL, volume, users… so effectively this is a subset of the first objective outlined in request

Milestone/Tranche amounts

Total funding requested: 100,000 USD in ARB at either spot price or a TWAP chosen by those that will distribute it.

Prior experience

We’ve been providing DeFi data on arbitrum ever since it’s launch and we’ve also been delivering other products to help this ecosystem specifically, like our ARB claimer page, which allowed lots of users to claim their ARB on launch day, when the official page was down.

By having delivered the product already, this removes all execution risk, and furthermore, by having all our code in the open, it’s easy for everyone to verify all our data and methodologies.

Finally, our data have been used previously in many ecosystems such as Polygon or Kava to guide incentives, which attests to it’s quality.


Makes sense to me to have the industry standard platform be the reporting source.
What will the 100k be used for? To make a resource available to update and integrate projects with new or updated reporting needs? That would be a great value add IMO, create a ticket system for STIP projects to provide information and the ask to DL during the course of the program instead of having to resource internally. I guess would only work with projects that have subgraphs, but still a great start.


Defillama’s contribution to the space is undeniable. Huge support for this proposal.


we all know and love DeFiLlama… an obvious +1


we all love the llamas.

It’s one of the cheapest solution proposed, and they have it already build in. Strong support.


Huge respect for DefiLlama’s contribution to the community and ecosystem in general.

The proposal effort for $100k USD could have been better, though it is definitely one of the most cost-effective proposals but lacks clarity on what will be delivered and within what timeline.

P.S.: I have no doubt about the ability of the team, I use your products regularly.


I’ve edited the OP to outline a more exact scope of what we plan to deliver, which is a subset of the full request


While the value DeFiLlama provides to Arbitrum and DeFi as a whole is undeniable, this is a large ask comparitively for data already available to the ecosystem and a small portion of the RFQ being responded to. I would think retroactive funding may be an option through other means. Correct me if I am misinterpreting this but as I read it, there is nothing directly related to the STIP in this just continuing to track chain and high level protocol metrics?

The RFQ specifically requested that the team taking it should build an open source dashboard that tracks metrics like TVL, transactions, users, fees generated and volume

This proposal is targeting just that part, so its providing a solution for the things requested.

The difference with the other teams is that we have this already built and they don’t, so if they are selected they’ll have to build all this out (likely creating a clone), but the end result should end up being the same.