Tally: Front-end interface to force transaction inclusion during sequencer downtime

Considering today is April 1st, and taking into account that we have been publicly working on the proposal since at least mid-February, engaging in discussions with community members in person at EthDenver, through L2 Beat’s office hours, and in Arbitrum’s public debates, I am convinced we are prepared to move forward with the final steps.

  1. The proposal will transition to its definitive version. Alongside changing the title, the notes will be removed and listed below this point to maintain a historical record.

03/11/2024 - Notes:

Some changes have been made in this proposal, thanks to the feedback provided by @cp0x, @maxlomu and @frisson.

03/19/2024 - Notes #1:

I made some minor fixes and added a few sentences in the last milestone to provide also a service instance on IPFS. The idea was provided by @dk3.

03/19/2024 - Notes #2:

  • I have slightly extended the duration of Milestones 1 and 3, given the proposal’s significance. It makes sense to present it to more community members or even in community calls to receive feedback. Consequently, the overall deadlines have also been adjusted.
  • I have clarified how the project’s open-source aspects will be managed, as they had not been clear previously.

Thanks to feedback provided by L2BEAT’s governance team. (cc: @krst)

03/27/2024 - Notes, updates and next steps:

  • The snapshot to signal sentiment was successful, with more than 99M votes in favor and less than 1% against the proposal.

  • I emphasized the importance of the project being open source from the start, following feedback from several governance participants.

  • I highlighted the importance of enabling other projects to deploy their own instances of this service, a consideration I had overlooked before.

  • Following community feedback, I improved the proposal’s wording, syntax, and added necessary clarifications. (cc: @hkalodner)

  • I am in discussions with the Tally team to devise a suitable payment distribution strategy for the project.

  • In the next few days, I’ll:

    • [DONE] - Summarize the proposal’s changes in a particular comment, and provide a “final” version of the proposal.
    • [DONE] - Outline a payment schedule aligned with Tally’s capabilities.
    • [DONE] - Schedule an open call with the community, hosted by WakeUp, to discuss the proposal one last time.
    • [DONE] - Set a new deadline to provide feedback.
    • [DONE] - Determine the Tally’s submission date. [05/15/2024]

04/01/2024 - Notes

Throughout the weekend, the Tally team assisted me in setting up the draft in Tally, along with its corresponding payment schedule, based on the platform’s available options.

Finally, we decided that, should the Proposal be approved:

  • A payment of 20% of the total grant required will be made on May 1st, as a “Kick off payment”.
  • The remainder of the grant will be vested gradually, on a second-by-second basis, until approximately September (Over 4 months after the kickoff).
  • The security council / The Arbitrum Foundation reserves the right to revoke the payment stream at any moment, to be used in case of unsatisfactory performance.

These conditions are much more aligned with the powers of the foundation, and also with the feedback received in the forum.

04/05/2024 - Notes:

I added two features to the proposal to reduce security risks:

  1. A banner at the top of the website to verify that the URL is correct and not a phishing site.
  2. In the public GitHub, we will clarify the URLs of the projects we confirm are correctly implemented. (Like a white list)

04/18/2024 - Notes:

Tally: Front-end interface to force transaction inclusion during sequencer downtime - #54 by Gonzacolo

  1. An Open Call will be offered to discuss the Proposal described above. It will be hosted in a Google Meet session by WakeUp Labs, and the recording will be available on the WakeUp channel on YouTube.

    The objective is to explain the proposal one more time, answer questions, and provide an open space for discussion on a particular topic for the last time.
    The session will last 20 minutes (10’ for explanation and 10’ for questions, extending if necessary).
    The session will take place on Wednesday, 04/03/2024, at 16:00 UTC.

    You should be able to schedule the call by clicking: here

    Open Call - Discussion & Explanation of Proposal - Arbitrum <> WakeUp Labs
    Wednesday, April 3 · 6:00 – 6:30pm
    Time zone: Europe/Madrid
    Video call link: https://meet.google.com/bvz-njro-spw

  2. Once the Open Call session has been conducted, and some tasks on the Tally team’s side completed, the on-chain publication of the application on Tally will proceed.

I do not want to conclude without expressing my gratitude to all the Delegates and community members for their feedback and overwhelming support.

It’s important that we continue to receive any comments or feedback even now, to ensure we arrive at a final proposal that is robust and in alignment with the interests and concerns of the community.

Thank you very much again for your support and oversight throughout this process.