The Arbitrum Orbit Stimulus Pilot [Request for Discussion]

This feedback is a joint work with other @SEEDGov members.

First of all, we want to congratulate @tnorm for this proposal, we think it is important to start thinking about what are the right incentives for Orbit. We have some questions and comments:

We understand that it will be up to the Orbit Pilot Council to choose the projects, but we believe that at least some minimum requirements or starting points should be established for the selection of the Orbit chain.

What type of Orbit chain will be able to participate?

  • The Orbit chains that are already operating or the ones that are about to be launched (testnet)?
  • General purpose or app-chain specific?
  • As for the host chain, should it be Arbitrum One or Ethereum?

There are currently approximately 17 orbits (at least publicly known):

  1. Testnet:
  1. Mainnet:

Note: the list may contain errors, if so, please let us know.

  • Most Orbit L3’s are for gaming, do you think it can overlap with Catalyze Gaming Ecosystem Growth on Arbitrum?
  • Should it be Orbit that was only given the license?
    • We think this program could be good for the DAO to license as well and further align incentives, although this should be discussed further.As we understand that the licenses granted by Arbitrum Orit Expansion Program, 10% of the revenue are shared with the Foundation.

Note: we are not 100% sure that this is the case, if this information is incorrect, please let us know.

  • For the election of board members, are there minimum requirements? We want to avoid a popularity contest.
  • Will the Boost protocol provide any support/workshops on the use of the Boost manager and plugin?
  • For data provider and RPC, most Orbit chains use RaaS for chain maintenance and deployment. We think it would be better if we can agree with some of them, to provide this services, here an incomplete list (provided the chain uses some of these services):
    • Caldera
    • Coinduit
    • AltLayer
    • Gelato
    • Zeeve
    • Vistara