[Timeswap] [FINAL] [STIP - Round 1]

I support this proposal for Timeswap. Creating money markets without relying on oracles or on-chain liquidity is a game-changer for DeFi. Timeswaps’ approach not only enhances security by mitigating oracle manipulation risks but also unlocks capital, significantly improving capital efficiency and utility for various tokens. Through using this grant to incentivize liquidity in Timeswap pools, I’m eager to see how this facilitate larger transactions and increasing overall capital efficiency. This proposal aligns perfectly with the growth and security goals of the Arbitrum ecosystem, and I’m excited to see it in action.


We at Trader Joe have enjoyed working with Timeswap; Their unique and innovative approach to money markets is beneficial to the Arbitrum’s DeFi ecosystem, and this proposal should be taken into consideration.


Overall, there’s a lot of strategies DeFi users can do with both Pendle and Timeswap. If the purpose of STIP is to encourage activity in Arbitrum’s DeFi ecosystem, then it makes sense to support this as they are synergistic to all the other protocols they work with.


Timeswap occupies an important niche in Arbitrum as the only money market that can support quite literally any token, and that shouldn’t go unrecognized. 400k ARB seems like a reasonable ask, especially considering how Timeswap is heavily Arbitrum-centric, and has offered to match the grant with TIME tokens too. I support this proposal.


+1 to this proposal by Level Finance. The Timeswap team has demonstrated a high level of integrity and professionalism. As project partners, we look forward to increasing use cases and composability on Arbitrum in future.


Since your TVL for Arbitrum is around 600k, you would be below the recommendations for the STIP. Would you be willing to amend your ask to be in line “Beacon Grants”, below 200k?


Timeswap have been true builders in the space. The have been championing the ‘oracle free money market’ concept for sometime now. We at Stella believe the proposal should be taken into consideration, and plan on supporting it.


Having worked with their team recently, I can confirm they are professional, capable and pleasant operators in the Arb Space. The proposal feels well-argued too.


Hey SeedGov,

Thank you for reviewing our proposal. We are happy to provide more clarity on the requested amount.

We are open to amending the request, and wish to share some context around the numbers:

  • While the current TVL is around $600K, our peak TVL on the Arbitrum network reached approximately $1.4 million.
  • We were able to achieve volumes of over $10 million in lending & borrowing with the above-mentioned TVL, showcasing significant utility for our product, even in the absence of any additional rewards.
  • The entire TVL and volume was achieved without any token incentives, and we did not receive any ARB airdrop which could have been used as incentives earlier.
  • We are committing to distributing a minimum of 1% of the TIME token supply, valued at 1:1 or higher than the grant request, to users on the ARB network before January 31, 2024. Very few protocols are committing to a 1:1 match of the grant value to be distributed to end users.

While we understand there are baseline metrics like TVL to qualify teams, we request the understanding of delegates to the context that TVL is driven to a large extent by rewards, and many teams building valuable products still do not have the rewards to attract liquidity to solve the cold start problem.

At Timeswap, we have dedicated considerable time and resources to ensure our product is ready to scale. With the launch of our pre-mine in a few weeks, we are confident we will be able to meet the TVL mentioned in the eligibility and evaluation guidelines.

We look forward to your feedback and comments and are open to further discussions to address any concerns. Thank you for your consideration.


I am aware of the historical metrics you refer to and the job entailed in sustaining TVL/volume without token incentives. Nevertheless adherence to the STIP recommendations would allow you to garner further support

Hello @ameeth ,

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Timeswap’s team is highly qualified with diverse experience, the grant breakdown is clearly defined and aligns with objectives and KPIs. Overall seems a net positive impact for the Arbitrum ecosystem. We plan to support this proposal.


Thank you for the feedback, we have reduced the grant request to 200k to be part of the Beacon Grants program

Hey @stonecoldpat @cliffton.eth @eli_defi

Our proposal is ready to move from DRAFT to FINAL stage, thank you for all the work done to ensure a smooth process. Also big thank you to the team at Stablelab!

We’ve worked with the Timeswap team to launch the first unshETH lending market and have been very impressed by their ability to execute and their strong communication skills. Fully support this proposal on behalf of myself and the unshETH core team!


Post has been marked FINAL and locked.


Timeswap is a very unique product. TBH, i dont use it much, but it certainly has users and PMF.

Giving ARB tokens to users that lend out
ETH, and ARB is hard to criticize.

The “other” i hope it’s just core tokens (and deriv’s) and not project tokens and most projects have more that enough to supply that side.

I can most likely support a grant for this project.


Really like the idea of creating an oracle-less Lending and borrowing protocol! It significantly broadens the scope for various DeFi strategies and marks a substantial step toward establishing entirely permissionless ecosystems. The addition of derivative tokens like plsARB further enhances user flexibility in customizing their strategies. Fully support Timeswap’s grant application and look forward to seeing them continue to pioneer innovative products within the ecosystem.


After thoroughly reviewing this proposal, we iZUMi team are impressed with the level of detail and the comprehensive execution plan presented, especially the vitality and drive demonstrated by your team throughout the proposal.

We talked with TimeSwap team, and we believe that with the support from the Arbitrum grant, the project will not only achieve its objectives but also flourish at an accelerated rate. We are thrilled at the prospect of this project coming to fruition and would like to formally extend our support for your proposal. Looking forward to the possibility of further collaboration in the future!

iZUMi Team