About the Grants Discussions category

The community is encouraged to discuss ideas such as grant categories, forming committees to evaluate proposals, and creating a more open-door policy for conversations. This is an open discussion, and more input is welcome.

This discussion forum was created based on community feedback, with the purpose of providing the DAO with a place to discuss opinions, draft guidelines, and facilitate constructive conversations among everyone at a single location. As it currently stands, all access to the DAO Treasury (regardless of amount) requires completion of an AIP and the process described in the ArbitrumDAO Constitution. This process is designed to take time and require extensive community support before being approved, which can make it difficult for smaller requests that would still benefit the Arbitrum eco-system to receive funding. As we have seen within the community, there has already been lively discussion on how best to address this concern and empower our community towards the best outcomes for Arbitrum. Ultimately, the existence and structure of a DAO-supported grants program is for the community to decide, and this forum is merely to support this process.

It is also important to note that there are legal requirements such as “Know your Customer” (KYC) procedures that have to be completed before funds can be distributed by the DAO Treasury. All proposals can enlist the Arbitrum Foundation to take on the KYC and legal requirements to assist the DAO so that the funds can be safely released.

Finally, it is also relevant to note that the Foundation will be operating a separate and independent grant program. This program will complement any community-led program(s) that are created and will provide additional resources for the development of the ecosystem. More details will be released about this program.

Thank you for your participation!


Thats a great idea. I am happy to contribute

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Hi just want to ask if building a community of artist in all medium is Acceptable in arbitrum,
For Example a community of Nft artist who help to promote the Dao the Community, and The platform by creating nfts to be minted …
in this case we can promote the Platform at the same time promoting Arbitrum also to people.

Please let me know if this kind of community or Group can be build in Arbitrum DAO thanks :heart: @Arbitrum