AIP - 6 : Security Council Elections

While voting on AIP-6 closes on 20230903 and we ought not jump the gun prematurely, the distribution of votes is sending a strong signal. High level, the community is largely on board with a ‘Security Council’. @nach211 made an interesting suggestion in Open Governance Call #5 that the community could extend this further to simplify UX in moments of market stresses. I think we could extend his proposal even further to broader kinds of adversarial behavior or regulatory change. On a first pass, a ‘Technical Council’ seems well-motivated in the sense of addressing some of the issues that @stonecoldpat and @krst are helping the community surface. On a second pass, a ‘Technical Council’ could help better manage (A) smart contract risk(s) [down the MEV rabbithole(s)] & (B) market risk(s). The DAO has a plethora of options open to it regarding ecosystem management. We could think of ‘Council’ layers above the base L2 as a mechanism [w/ suitable checks + balances] that can drastically improve the consensus process needed to achieve decentralized coordination.