Arbitrum GovHack Track: Enhancing Grantee Engagement and Alignment in the Arbitrum Ecosystem- team 16

Team 16: Grantee Engagement and Development Program

Track Name:

  • Grants ecosystem
  • Contributor Onboarding, activation and engagement
  • DAO Operational excellence

Challenge Statement

  • Members: Feems, Hunter, Launamu
  • Team Lead contact :Feems
  • Tag with track/s.§ Grant ecosystem, contributor onboarding
  • PITCH: Loom Recording 3 mins MAX

Loom Link: Enhancing Grantee Success and Engagement in the Arbitrumed-Out Ecosystem | Loom

Proposal (400-1000 words)

Title: Grantee Engagement and Development Program ( Non-Constitutional)

Abstract: Improve the ROI for Grants funded by Arbitrum DAO by offering a tool that will set up Grantees for successful completion of their talent-dependent Milestones, and streamline the onboarding of qualified and vetted new contributors to ArbitrumDAO. This tool will also facilitate the discovery process of existing Grant projects which can lead to an increase in usability of

Currently, there’s not one source of truth for paid opportunities for people and teams looking to complete paid work within the ArbitrumDAO ecosystem. This results in:

  • Low number of applicants to fill-in available opportunities
  • Grantees are unable to meet their Milestones or KPIs successfully
  • Inefficient sourcing of qualified candidates for new roles in the ArbitrumDAO

Additionally, there is a Low ROI for ArbitrumDAO on previously funded grant projects - Limited impact of already funded initiatives in the ecosystem due to:

  • ArbitrumDAO processes and the DAO needs evolve rapidly, making it complicated for Grantees, focused in building, to stay on top of newly developed unmet needs
  • Discoverability of Grantee projects is incredibly complicated; to other grantees and to others in the ecosystem that could benefit from or use their completed work.
  • Incentives to learn about other Grantees work being developed is non-existant.

Rationale: The ArbitrumDAO is grappling with the challenge of optimizing the impact of its grants, hindered by the lack of visibility for grantee projects and the absence of a centralized hub for ecosystem opportunities. This situation has resulted in fewer applicants for roles, grantees struggling to achieve milestones, and inefficiencies in talent acquisition, thereby diminishing the ecosystem’s overall growth and effectiveness. The proposed program purpose is to increase the ROI and impact generated by funded Grantees in the ArbitrumDAO ecosystem (Focused on grantees in the category of tooling, grant programs, research and service providers) through a platform and series of workshops and curated matchmaking

that increase the efficiency of talented contributors joining these workstreams and increase the usability of funded projects.

**Budget:**100,000 ARB


Milestone #1: Platform development (6 weeks)

Milestone #2: Content Design (education and events)

Milestone #3: Onboarding of grantees and potential contributors of interests

Milestone #4: Run the experiment and retrospective

We foresee the completion of all milestones will be done in 4 months.


Open Platform that can be seen by everyone that acts as a notice board for paid opportunities offered by grantees, events and workshops related to support grantees or demo opportunities for funded grantees. Interested parties can then select the areas that they are interested in order to get notifications relevant to them via telegram chat box.

Gated Access:

  • User Verification: Hats Access Control to gate write permissions to users with a grantee hat to verify identity and role. Hats are distributed by recognized grant program providers who are permissioned to mint the grantee role hat.
  • Security Measures: Hats roles may be revoked by program providers at any time if the grantee’s role is changed.

Posting of Opportunities:

  • Posting Rights: Grantees can post paid opportunities, including job vacancies, collaborative projects, and paid contributions requiring specific skills.

  • Event Posting: Allow grantees or platform curators to announce events relevant to the grantee learning and engagement opportunities such as workshops, webinars, grantees demos curated matching events.

  • Content Sharing: Enable grant program providers to share educational materials, guides, and session invitations aimed at enriching the grantee’s knowledge and project success.

Chatbot Notifications/setting:

  • Custom Preferences: Users can set their preferences to receive notifications on topics, roles, and event types that match their interests and expertise to receive information relevant to them via telegram chat posting.

Platform Design

User Flow

Reputation System

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