Arbitrum Oddyssey Season -2

The Arbitrum Odyssey is back, and it’s hotter than ever! Join forces with Galxe for a 7-week adventure through the vast Arbitrum ecosystem. Along the way, you’ll snag custom badges by the talented Ratwell and frens as you conquer various checkpoints.

:rocket: Key Highlights:

  1. Arbitrum Odyssey: Reignited kicks off on September 26th, 2023. Get all the mission details at Arbitrum Portal.
  2. The winning bridge protocol from Bridge Week is none other than Hop Protocol!
  3. The Arbitrum Portal has undergone a complete transformation and is now better than ever. Explore it at Arbitrum Portal.
  4. Forget about airdrops; this time, it’s all about the thrill of earning badges as you complete missions.
  5. Got questions? Find answers in the FAQ section here: :rocket:︱odyssey-faq
  6. For all things Odyssey-related, dive into the discussion at :rocket:︱odyssey instead of ⁠:speech_balloon:︱general.

:open_book: Read the full story here: [Arbitrum Odyssey: Reignited]

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hi guys Are you ready for next swing ? Please come and join this event to Support Arbitrum Ecosysem …

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Gm and Happy Monday Arbinauts! Another week where we celebrate what happened in the Arbitrum ecosystem! #WeeklyArbinaut! :arbiblobblue: :newspaper_roll:

For our 22nd edition, we highlight updates from the #ArbitrumDAO about Security Council elections and Grants Programs, Arbitrum Sepolia testnet and the new Arbitrum Portal are now live!
Community Events: EthGlobal NYC, Arbitrum Odyssey, and welcomed exciting projects launching on Arbitrum this week!

Learn more here! :thread::point_down: @everyone

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