Arbitrum Research & Development Collective: Elections & Applications

Thank you to all the candidates who applied for positions. Here is Savvy DAO’s voting rationale:

Research Member:

We are voting FOR Blockworks and Delphi Digital. These organizations have demonstrated extensive knowledge, continuous development, and impeccable execution within the Ethereum ecosystem. This collaboration excites us for the specific development and application within the DAO. It is crucial to have the correct insights for future decision-making to continue the DAO’s objectives.

DAO Advocate:

We are voting FOR L2 Beat. When considering the perfect role to advocate for the rights of the DAO, its members, transparency, and execution, Krzysztof and Sinkas have done an incredible job. From their rationale in each proposal to supporting us in staying synchronized and on the right path by analyzing the next steps.

Security Member:

We are voting FOR Halborn as we have previous experience working with them, and they are a terrific and technical team. Additionally, we appreciate Rob showing his support for the Arbitrum DAO at the GovHack in EthDenver.

Risk Member:

We are voting FOR Elect Chaos Labs. Despite not having more voting options or applications, we reviewed their application and believe they have the professionalism and experience necessary for the demands of this role.