Arbitrum Treasury Perspective by Centrifuge

Over the past few months there has been dedicated and in-depth discussions about the future of the Arbitrum treasury. Through the Treasury and Sustainability working group, the community has expressed interest in a general topics covering treasury management, real world assets, and best practices.

The Centrifuge team is sharing a perspective for the Arbitrum community, intended to provide general advice on the development and implementation of a treasury management practice within decentralized organizations. We believe this is general knowledge that is helpful for the Arbitrum community and its stakeholders to understand, while also expressing the Centrifuge perspective on how this should and can be approached.

We are looking forward to hearing the upcoming management recommendations from prospective treasury managers, and are eager to collaborate on an in-depth dive into RWA implementation and execution for these frameworks.


Thank you for sharing the report!

We have written a review of it in our Working Group thread. Thank you for this work!