Blockchain Innovation Hub Bootcamp Progress Report 1

Hello Community,

My name is Oyeniyi Abiola Peace, I am the CEO of Blockchain Innovation Hub. We are one of the grantees of the Education, Community Growth and Events (Blockchain Innovation Hub - A Three Month Bootcamp for Developers).

This report summarizes the activities completed so far for the BIH x Arbitrum Blockchain Software Development Bootcamp.

After successful partnerships, event promotions, curriculum drafting and our first report, we have concluded the selection process and started classes for the Bootcamp.

Out of approximately 800 registrations, we initially selected 164 participants. We sent them a congratulatory email and invited them to the last Twitter Space (BIH X Arbitrum Onboarding call) scheduled for December 15th, 2023, at 7 pm. The final 100 participants were selected from the Twitter Space.

During the Onboarding call, we provided a detailed explanation of the Bootcamp program and sent out a form for everyone to fill out. The 100 selected participants were then onboarded to the Bootcamp Workspace, where they can access all the training materials and curriculum for the entire program. They are also required to submit their assignments as URLs using Notion.

As scheduled, the first class of the Bootcamp commenced on January 8th, 2024, as indicated in the curriculum. Four classes were conducted consecutively during the first week, from Monday, January 8th to Thursday, January 11th, 2024.

In the second week, only two classes were conducted on Monday, January 15th, and Thursday, January 18th, 2024. Similar to the first week, four classes were completed consecutively in the third week, from Monday, January 22nd to Thursday, January 25th, 2024. The curriculum schedule and topics remained consistent throughout the three-week period.


Registration vs Accepted vs Shortlisted

Over 800 participants registered for the program. Out of those, 164 were shortlisted and 100 were finally selected.

Backend to Frontend Developer Rate

Among the 100 participants finally chosen, there were 54 Frontend Developers and 46 Backend Developers.

front backend

Male to female ratio

From the final 100 selected, there were 24 female participants and 76 male participants.

male vs female

On-site to Virtual ratio

Out of the final 100 selected participants, 16 chose to attend the class onsite due to proximity, while the remaining participants attended virtually.

onsite vs virtual 2

Attendance Rate Statistics

Week 1

In week 1, 14 out of 16 participants attended the class on-site at least twice a week, while 60 out of 84 participants attended virtually at least twice a week.

Attendance wk1

Week 2

During the second week of the bootcamp, there were two classes. Out of the 16 participants, 12 attended the class on-site. Additionally, out of the 84 participants, 55 attended the classes online.

Attendance wk2

Week 3

The second week of the bootcamp consisted of four consecutive classes, similar to the first week. In week 3, out of the 16 participants, 12 attended the class physically at least twice a week, while out of the 84 participants, 50 attended the classes online at least twice a week.

Attendance wk3

Average Attendance Rate of Participants in the last 3 weeks

Total Attendance rate

YouTube Watch Rate and Hour

As mentioned earlier, recordings of each classes for three weeks were uploaded to YouTube. We have about 629 views across all the recordings of the Bootcamp classes uploaded. So far we have an average views of 209 per week. The total watch time hours is 91.4hrs.

About 10 classes have been recorded and available for everyone willing to learn how to build on Arbitrum. These are links to some of the recorded classes that are uploaded on Youtube;

Number of Views for Each Week

no of views

Total Number of View Hours for Each Week

Total hours

Training methodology

For the bootcamp, we have been using Arbitrum Sepolia for the training. So far, students have been deploying smart contracts on Arbitrum Sepolia, they also learnt how to use L2FAUCET to claim testfunds. Over 300 contracts have been deployed by the students on Arbitrum Sepolia. In the near future the students will be learning about Arbitrum SDK and how to integrate it into their Hackathon Project. The following are the links to some of the assignments submission from the students;

Our Github Repository:

Assignment Submission

Students have been creating videos, writing articles, and tutorials about what they have learned so far in the Bootcamp. Below are some of the submissions:

Changes in the Program

The ratio of backend to frontend developers has changed due to the application and interests of the participants.

Problems and Challenges

Some folks joining virtually have been experiencing network issues, so they often resort to downloading videos later. Additionally, some of the attendees joining in person would appreciate incentives to help supplement their transportation fees. It’s worth noting that some participants are currently students with exams, while others are working and busy during the scheduled program.


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