Catalyze Gaming Ecosystem Growth on Arbitrum

Just quickly because I have been getting DMs about it, and had to ping @Djinn for clarity.

The on-going snapshot vote is a temp check. To wit:

The following sentiment check is to evaluate if there is consensus in the DAO to start work towards implementing and funding the creation of the Gaming Catalyst Program and Fund.”

Next Steps

  • [Done] Post Open Draft (Shared on 2/15/24, link within Arbitrum Gaming Education Post [Arbitrum and the Future of Web3 Gaming )
  • [Done] Post GCP proposal to forum (3/11/24)
  • [Posted]Snapshot vote (3/15/24) for general delegate agreement on GCP commitment, start entity setups, and to receive detailed feedback: Snapshot
  • Tally vote / ratification (April 2024)
  • GCP Council Elections (April - May 2024)
  • GCP Venture Team formation (April - May 2024)
  • Grant applications and RFPs open (April - May 2024)