Community Health Analytics and reputation NFTs in ArbitrumDAO

TogetherCrew (one of RnDAO’s incubated ventures) has developed a community analytics tool that can gather data from public conversations in Discord, Discourse (the forum), Github, etc etc. And more recently obtained a grant from ArbitrumDAO to develop Reputation NFTs.

We’ll make the reputation NFTs to ArbitrumDAO contributors as a pilot and so this is a thread to raise awareness about the initiative and answer any questions.

How the NFTs work
The Reputation NFTs will be created by the contributors minting (for free) a non-transferable NFT via the TogetherCrew UI. The NFTs reference a ledger that stored the daily calculation of an individual’s reputation, thus providing an on-chain record of their participation in the community.
More info on the Questbook grant submission

How is reputation calculated
TogetherCrew’s algorithm analyses conversations and maps the social graph. This graph is used to calculate then how much context someone has on the community. This is a Sybil-resistant approach that can be used for rewards, as a portable credential (proof of membership/participation), etc. For now, the NFT will just be used as a nice showcase of being a core part of the community here.

Isn’t the data incomplete
Yes, many conversations happen in calls, in splintered telegram groups, etc. We don’t have a complete solution yet but we’re working on it. For now, these Reputaiton NFTs are an experiment with no financial gain attached.

Other uses of TogetherCrew
Multiple communities use TogetherCrew already (Optimism, Pocket Network, Aave, Celo, SingularityNET, etc etc) and we’re bringing the same benefits to Arbitrum. Communities have benefited from

  • using the behavioural analytics to identify promising community members and turn them into ambassadors,
  • automate personalised messages to those who disengage, and review community health indicators,
  • we’ve also partnered with scientists from the University of California Santa Barabara who’re using the anonymised Optimism data to research the fundamental properties of community networks.
  • tracking retention of new members,
  • helping with onboarding and proposal discussion (thanks to our future called Hivemind - an AI-powered Q&A bot that works as a research assistant using the community’s public data so you can ask e.g. “Has anyone discussed Reputation already?” and receive an answer)

What about privacy
We only analyse data that’s already public or given to us by you (and only after receiving explicit, active consent so there shouldn’t be any surprises). If you’d rather we don’t analyse your public data, message us and we’ll blacklist you to make sure the algorithm is not analysing your public data. If you don’t want us to analyse your private data, no action is needed (just don’t go into the TogetherCrew Ui and register because then we’ll have the data you gave us to register. If you did register and now want your data deleted, just let us know and we’ll erase it).

What is the cost of this
For now free, we’re already supported by the Questbook grant we received to build the DynamicNFTs. We hope to demonstrate value and potentially establish a longer-term relationship after.

What do the analytics look like
You can see a product demo in our website

Any other concerns/questions
Just let us know! We’re committed to working with the Arbitrum community to make this a valuable and safe experience


Hi, some questions.
You are claiming that you are working with Aave? Who exactly are you working with? Is it the AaveDAO using this tool? Or just a few people? Could you name them?

Whats the benefit over having this NFT over the existing tools like Tally & Karma that are already widely in use in the DAO?

What the overall goal implementing NFTs?

Thanks for your questions.

We got a grant from Aave to do a community health report for them before we had a UI. It’s been over a year now and I understand the tool is still deployed. I’m not sure if the grant committee is part of the DAO or the foundation or exactly their internal structure.

Tally is a voting tool so very different use case.

As for Karma’s reputation, it’s mostly a delegate tracking tool while TogetherCrew is more focused on enabling the community to see itself (using a range of techniques). Both tools are somewhat complimentary i.e. focused on different use cases.
In more detail, Karma focuses on delegates only and actions e.g. posting (as opposed to interactions i.e. with whom you’re engaging). While TogetherCrew’s available for every community member (delegate or not) and the use of network analysis allows you to understand behaviour very differently.
Network analysis allows TogetherCrew to see what are the sub-communities in the DAO and thus make sure e.g. a proposer is not ignoring a different cluster, understands who’s likely overwhelm/spread too thin so you don’t pester them and instead can leverage connectors who have good context but are not overwhelmed, etc.
Also, from a reputation perspective, the score we calculate is based on how much context someone has, which is different from engagement. The point for governance rewards (or in the future governance voting power) is about having a broad overview of the DAO so one understands the tradeoffs and different concerns, which is somewhat correlated with being very active but it’s not the same thing.
Finally, Karma doesn’t have anything like Hivemind (the Q&A bot).

Okay interesting, i have never seen any community health report and I am an active delegate at the DAO for quite a while now. Surprises me to hear about it the first time.

Likely the community team didn’t circulate it more widely. Helpful brother is our contact as I understand from my team.
Note it’s only recently the tool has enabled to give access to the UI to as many people as the tool admin(s) want. So they could configure it now in Aave so all the delegates (or even all community members who have joined the Discord) have access to the analytics.
Also, only Discord analytics are live in the UI so limited usefulness, but Discourse, Github, Telegram, etc are coming live soon.

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