Delegate to a public access, public good citizen enfranchisement pool through Event Horizon

Savvy DAO is voting FOR Event Horizon’s metagov pool.


  1. Democratic Participation Enhancement: The proposal significantly increases the impact of small-scale voters on governance decisions, democratizing the process and ensuring broader representation within the Arbitrum ecosystem. This is achieved through the creation of a free-to-use pool of voting ARB dedicated to retail participants, effectively forming a sub-DAO that empowers retail involvement.
  2. Adaptive Participation Model: Event Horizon’s innovative mechanism adjusts the influence of individual voters based on participation levels—ensuring that when fewer participate, each has a greater impact, and when participation is high, the ecosystem benefits from increased engagement. This adaptive approach fosters active involvement and ensures that governance is both dynamic and responsive to the community’s level of engagement.
  3. Alignment with Core Values: The proposal supports Arbitrum’s mission of inclusivity by lowering barriers to governance participation, facilitating a diverse range of ideas and innovations within the community. It does so by making it easier for new and less financially equipped members to contribute meaningfully to the DAO’s decision-making processes.

These enhancements to the feedback highlight how the Event Horizon proposal not only broadens participation but also introduces a scalable and flexible model to adjust voting power, aligning with both immediate and long-term goals of the Arbitrum ecosystem.

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