Delegate to a public access, public good citizen enfranchisement pool through Event Horizon

Welcome aboard :saluting_face:

  1. Event Horizon subsidizes the cost of voting. Our community votes for free on our Snapshot, EH then votes on Snapshot and pays for the gas.
  2. That’s the second time we’ve been asked to raise the delegation amount! We initially proposed 2m $ARB, but were asked to raise to 5m $ARB. That would place us as the 23rd largest delegate. In recent conversations with delegates at the ETH Denver GovHack hackathon, many expressed interest in placing us at 15 (7.3m $ARB). What do you think?
  3. It’s worth noting that the only power the Oversight Committee has is whether to have the Event Horizon voter pool vote to abstain. No other delegation management would be granted to this committee, and these delegates would be elected by the DAO via Snapshot. That said, some delegates expressed interest in this as an initial step. But we appreciate your perspective and if enough community feedback asks for us to revise this requirement, we may do so.