Delegates Incentive Program started!

The incentive program is now up and running! We’re officially tracking delegate metrics. All your activity until March 31st will be considered to calculate the incentives.

How Do I Score Points?

  • Don’t forget to vote on Tally and Snapshot.
  • It’s important to add value to proposals commenting on the forum. We don’t consider comments out of time nor comments that don’t add any value to the proposal!
  • Communicating which way you’re voting and why also scores points. We recommend you to create a Delegation Thread.

How long do I have to register for the program?

You can enroll at any time, even once the program has started or 2 months later, you just have to meet the minimum requirements.

Am I Participating?

You can find all registered delegates in the program at this link. You can sign up at any time, but if you want to participate in the March program, you have time until Sunday 3rd. Applicate here!

Where Can I Check my Score?

In this Karma Dashboard, you’ll be able to check your score. It updates daily.


Still have doubts? After an interactive thread in the forum with questions and feedback we made a FAQ and Best Practices Guide. We are still receiving feedback, so don’t doubt contacting us!