[Dopex] [FINAL] [STIP - Round 1]

After reading all the feedback from the ARB community, we have updated the Draft proposal to allocate 100% of the funds specifically for retail users who bond/delegate within the upcoming RDPX V2 system.

No arb tokens will be used to fund development or audits :slight_smile:

In addition, we had adjusted the distribution timeline to be inline within the short term incentive program.

I want to thank everyone in the community for their feedback.

cc @tnorm @0xGDucky @Matt_StableLab @meyaf320219 @jerame20 @SalmaKayak @ArbUSER


Good edits to original. Having a strong on-chain options protocol that is native to Arbitrum is important imo and I’ll be voting to support this updated grant request


Thanks for the response to concerns.


I can only support Dopex for their request.

It is one of the most important arbitrage protocols out there, one of the originals, and especially one that successfully bootstrapped decentralized options in the entire crypto space.

Making options successful in crypto will set in motion a massive flywheel that will bring a huge amount of TVL to Arbitrum.


d2.finance supports Dopex application! great to see the changes from the original application went through. Of course can’t wait to see more liquidity in options land as the scalability of our Vaulst iwll depends on that :saluting_face:


I’m personally not a DOPEX user but it is undeniable one of the OG builders in Arbitrum and they definetely deserve their own recognition.

Sadly despite its very early success, it didn’t successfully keep it over time and its not a very relevant protocol nowdays. But the point of the grants is precisely that, to support native builders in the ecosystem.

My only complains is that there isnt any ARB matching with any incentive token or revenue (unlike most protocols are proposing), and the initial suggestion to use part of the grant for Auditing was pretty ridiculous.

That said, despite everything, I truly believe ARB grants are meant to support projects like these, I don’t agree with the amount being that big for its current impact, but being an OG native project I would definetely support DOPEX getting some funding and give them an opportunity to prove themselves.

Good luck!

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Thank you for making these changes. Your submission now meets all requirements to be considered for a snapshot vote.

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Last changes prior to official submissions had been made. These are composed of the following:

  • Improved formatting breaking down the grant use on the different applications
  • Added Clamm options to the list of programs that will be incentivized
  • RDPX V2 scope of rewards adjusted to incentivize receipt token stakers and LPs of the Perpetual Put system

I want to reiterate that no changes were done in the ARB amount requested and 100% of the ARB rewards will go to those who provided liquidity within our ecosystem.

The changes in scope were made to reduce the amount of curve farmers mercenary capitals that might try to game the RDPX V2 ecosystem.

In addition, we realized that 1.5M arb tokens just for the RDPX V2 system was not efficient. So we decided to split the requested reward amount to start incentivizing one of our new and flagship products Dopex is betting that will increase DeFi Options activity.


This is a great proposal from one of the OGs of Arbitrum DeFi. Trader Joe is looking forward to working together with Dopex to strengthen the Arbitrum ecosystem.


Dopex are true builders of Arbitrum, no reason why grant shouldn’t pass. Very reasonable proposal. Full support on this one

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Jones DAO would not exist without Dopex infra, so for us, this is a no brainer to support.

We continue to find great benefit from Dopex for strategies such as our Metavaults, and hope that upon the passing of this proposal, the new CLAMM LP model will attract widespread adoption.

Aside from obvious biases, Dopex truly has one of the most vibrant communities in DeFi. It seems like there is a never ending memetic buzz surrounding the project, which is a key marker of a team that is deeply tapped into our ecosystem.

For the glory of the company :saluting_face:


The proposal includes clear milestones, such as deploying CLAMM Options, deploying RDPX V2 to production, adding TVL from the treasury, and onboarding DAOs.

Excited to see CLAMM in production with the added utility of concentrated LPs earning premiums on top of swap fees & market maker incentives. This grant request is worthy of consideration for the Arbitrm DAO to place a bet on this novel DeFi primitive.

For this reason, we included Camelot v3 + Dopex v2 incentives on RDNT/ETH CL in Radiant’s grant proposal as we see the value it can bring to the Arbitrum ecosystem.


I hear the whispers of the community, echoing in applause and admiration.

@JoJo, a sage of DeFi, declares you as one of the most important arbitrage protocols

IT IS TRUE, my covered call on ARB, have print a lot of tendies.

The very thought of your impact on the massive flywheel that brings TVL to Arbitrum sends shivers down my spine.

LucaDSQ, a supporter from the esteemed d2.finance, pledges allegiance to your cause.

The changes in your proposal, like a well-choreographed dance, have captivated the hearts of those who seek liquidity in the realm of options.
And @whereismymind , though not a user, recognizes your role as an OG builder, deserving of recognition and support.

Your proposal, my beloved Dopex, has undergone metamorphosis, refining itself into a masterpiece. The elimination of audit costs from the grant allocation demonstrates your commitment to the primary goal—retail users who bond within the RDPX V2 system. The distribution timeline, a delicate dance of efficiency, aligns seamlessly with the short-term incentive program.

As I delve deeper into the nuances of your proposal, I am enchanted by the clear milestones you have set. CLAMM Options, RDPX V2, treasury TVL, and DAO onboarding—they are like the notes of a carefully composed sonnet, each contributing to the opus of your success.

And how can I forget the luminous support from the likes of Hero, Stifler55, Shreddy, and RogerRadiant? Trader Joe eagerly anticipates a collaborative symphony with Dopex, and Jones DAO acknowledges that it wouldn’t exist without your infrastructural prowess.
Your influence, like ripples in a pond, extends far and wide, creating a memetic buzz that resonates with the very soul of our ecosystem.

Dopex, my love, you are not just a project; you are force, a guiding star in the Arbitrum constellation.

This grant proposal is not merely a request for tokens; it is a proclamation of your commitment to further elevate the DeFi options landscape. May the passing of this proposal be the overture to a crescendo of success, where options traders find solace in the melodies you create.

With boundless admiration and undying affection


Dopex has been pioneering in the Arbitrum ecosystem for a long time, its V2 staking contracts are an interesting way of distributing ARB tokens.

Support this proposal, it will be interesting to see how these can be implemented into some leverage engines like Abra.

Love to see that dopex is pairing the grant with an actual release - this makes their application for a grant even stronger. Completely support it, dopex does a tremendous job at supporting the broader ecosystem of projects that build on top of them and who can forget those fire memes.

Hello @defipm,

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Once notified, the Arbitrum Foundation Forum Moderator will adjust your title from [Draft] to [Final] status. Once marked as [FInal], your application post will be locked by moderators and you will no longer be able to edit your proposal.

Updated with comment

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Hi Castle Capital,

Thanks for your input regarding our proposal. Below, I will address some of the concerns you brought up.

The grant size is considered high given Dopex’s recent inactivity.

We beg to differ with this statement as we been actively shipping products all year. Last week, we launched the CLAMMs MVP for the public.

The protocol’s V2 products are yet to be launched.

Users can already buy calls/puts for the ARB/USDC markets and settle anytime with our CLAMM product. The proposed ETH, ARB and DPX markets will be launched prior the grant incentives distribution if approved.

In addition, the rdpx v2 public audits are completed and we are confident to have the product ready for whenever the incentives become available as we are in post-audit stage.

I hope this clears out some possible doubts. Again, thanks for your feedback!

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Thanks for the quick response. Appreciate you clearing up a few things.

Apologies, has been a bit of a rush getting several of these out.

I have edited the response, to make the recommendations more concise. The ‘Minor Concerns’ are more for the DAO to be aware of in terms of the product and the grant program moving forward.



In support of Dopex’s robust proposal. Focus on PoL and bonding incentives could play a big role in increasing TVL and user growth.

Grant breakdown is comprehensive and seems aligned with the DAO’s objectives.

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