Event Horizon: Call for creative uses of delegation to boost participation

I would recommend Event Horizon self-delegate whatever ARB it can, even if it is only 1000 or so. Then show the proof of concept that this 1000 ARB is programmatically voting based on the wishes of smaller voters, and approach large holders (and eventually the DAO) to delegate to this pool.

We’re already doing this! You can go to EventHorizon.vote, mint your free voter pass, and mobilize the ARB that’s been delegated to the Event Horizon community today. We’ve been active on Arbitrum and several other DAOs for several months now.

I am actually opposed to giving participants voting rights without the token itself as it leads to disalignment.

We highlight this consideration in our latest forum post. But our docs go into more detail about how our token will be backed by the underlying DAOs, thereby aligning incentives. So this is something we’ve placed a lot of thought into, great observation!