Final: Arbitrum Stable Treasury Endowment Program

Thank you for the response.

I think my response may have been confused a little. Just to re-iterate, I don’t think we should actively be trading or propping up prices with the treasury. It sounds like this specific proposal won’t do that, which is good IMO, but it’s a possible goal in the future steps. (And yes, IMO I view using the stablecoin balance to find ‘the optimum price ARB should strive to maintain’ to be doing that - actively trading.)

At the Arbitrum Days workshop at Istanbul, @AlexLumley found the DAO needs a strategy/program for different verticals - RWAs, gaming, De-Fi, DeSo, DeSci, etc. Another way of looking at STEP 1 is that it’s a proposal supporting the RWA vertical on Arbitrum, with the added advantage that it’s in the form of investment rather than grants

Sounds cool, and look forward to it!