[FINAL] dForce STIP Addendum

Information about STIP/STIP Backfund

  1. Can you provide a link to your previous STIP proposal (round 1 or backfund)?

    [dForce] [FINAL] [ STIP - Round 1]

  2. How much, in the previous STIP proposal, did you request in ARB?

    1,000,000 ARB

  3. What date did you start the incentive program and what date did it end?

    18 January ~ 28 March 2024

  4. Could you provide the links to the bi-weekly STIP performance reports and Openblocks Dashboard?

  5. Could you provide the KPI(s) that you deem relevant for your protocol, both in absolute terms and percentage change, month over month, for the first of each month starting from October 2023 until April 2024, including the extremes? If you don’t know what KPI might be relevant for you or how to properly define them, please refer to the following document:[Arbitrum DAO] OpenBlock Labs Incentive Onboarding Spec

    dForce received 1 million ARB in STIP Backfund, which has been utilized to reward users who mint, lend, borrow, trade, and stake on Unitus Finance (rebranded from dForce Lending) and dForce. Out of this, 465,000 ARB (or 46.5%) has been allocated to lending activities on Unitus, 355,000 ARB (or 35.5%) to improve DEX liquidity, 100,000 ARB (or 10%) to USX minting, and 80,000 ARB (or 8%) in collaboration with Aspida to introduce a new LSD asset ($saETH) to Arbitrum.

    Our STIP campaign started on January 18 and lasted for 10 weeks until March 28. It concluded with remarkable growth, including a 179% increase in TVL from 15.6M to 43.6M; a 560% increase in transaction volume from 553K to 3.6M; and a 1753% increase in DEX liquidity from 123K to 2.3M.

  1. [Optional] Any lessons learned from the previous STIP round?

    Our main takeaway is to carefully craft the incentive plan in order to create organic growth and foster sticky liquidity. One example would be support real-yield assets, such as LSD and stablecoins backed by RWA yields. By allocating more incentives to these assets, we aim to ensure that liquidity remains robust and resilient even after the conclusion of the campaign.

New Plans for STIP Bridge

  1. How much are you requesting for this STIP Bridge proposal?

    500,000 ARB

  2. Do you plan to use the incentives in the same ways as highlighted in Section 3 of the STIP proposal? [Y/N]

    The main idea is that the distribution framework will resemble that of the previous STIP, but with a greater allocation of incentives toward real-yield assets, such as LSD and interest-bearing stablecoins. We believe this approach will attract more users and liquidity in the long run.

  3. [Only if answered “no” to the previous question] How will the incentive distribution change in terms of mechanisms and products?

    Our plan is to allocate 30% to lending, 30% to LSD vault in collaboration with Aspida, and 40% to sUSX (Omni yield stablecoin with RWA yield).

    On the lending side, the main idea is to incentivize stablecoin lending and borrowing, focusing primarily on USDT, USDC, DAI, and USX.

    On the LSD side, we plan to collaborate with Aspida to incentivize the minting of USX and saETH on Arbitrum, thereby contributing to the diversity and growth of the Arbitrum LSD ecosystem.

  4. Could you provide the addresses involved in the STIP Bridge initiative (multisig to receive funds, contracts for distribution, and any other relevant contract involved), and highlight if they changed compared to the previous STIP proposal?

    Arbitrum Treasury 2/3 multi-sig to receive funds: 0xC097EA3EA6d6851e8C274ACE6373107C5A253F62

    The contract for ARB disbursement: 0x3F126586031017f601bBD00Da03fF0B0F45660c2

    These addresses are unchanged from the previous STIP proposal.

  5. Could you share any feedback or suggestions on what could be improved in future incentive programs, what were the pain points and what was your general evaluation of the experience?

    same ways means both the same mechanisms and the same products. If you want to add a new product or vault to the incentive program, or if you want to change the mechanism used to attribute ARB to the users, please provide more details

    We believe the STIP campaign creates a positive flywheel to enhance the competitiveness of the Arbitrum ecosystem and maintain its leadership position among a crowd of L2s. This initiative not only encourages greater participation but also inspires more innovative ideas for development, protocol integrations, and widespread user adoption.

    We look forward to a long-term incentive framework with a more flexible schedule, enabling protocols to plan their product development and launches more efficiently in response to the Arbitrum incentive plan.

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Hello @MGGYY ,

Thank you for your application! Your advisor will be @JoJo.

Please join the LTIPP discord and ping your advisor in the general chat so they can create a new channel and start communicating with you.

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