Fluid - GMX Grant Final Report

Final Report: Fluid GMX Bot

I. Introduction

Project Overview:

Fluid enhances cryptocurrency trading efficiency through its GMX trading tool integrated with Telegram. The Fluid GMX Bot aims to streamline trading processes and boost community engagement on the Arbitrum network.

Grants Received:

Fluid received a grant of 100k Arbitrum from GMX, which was utilized to achieve all milestones and exceed key performance indicators (KPIs) by at the time of this posting close to 1100%.

II. Objectives


Fluid successfully achieved all milestones, which included transitioning to the Arbitrum network, and significantly surpassed the KPIs set forth in the original grant application.

III. Project Development

API as a Service Product: Created an innovative API as a service product that enables other projects to implement GMX traded perpetual futures seamlessly.

D3ploy Audit:

Successfully completed a comprehensive Smart Contract Audit through D3ploy, ensuring the security and reliability of our products.

Challenges Overcome:

Found a unique solution to implement a tax token into Camelot on Arbitrum for safer and more secure transactions.

IV. Community Engagement


Hosted multiple prize competitions with rewards ranging from $25,000 to $35,000, significantly enhancing trader engagement and participation.

V. Rewards Distribution

Keeper Fees and Prizes:

Covered keeper fees and distributed substantial prizes for competitions, fostering a competitive and rewarding community atmosphere.

VI. Acknowledgments

Support and Gratitude:

Extended heartfelt thanks to GMX for their invaluable support, to Arbitrum for their robust platform and assistance, and to the Fluid Family for their unwavering involvement and commitment, which were instrumental in turning our visions into reality.

VII. Future Plans

  • Planning the next competition to be affiliate-based, aiming to bring more users to the Fluid GMX Bot and further bolster the community.
  • We have applied for the LTIPP Arbitrum Grant for an additional 300k arb to support the rapidly expanding project.

VIII. Technical Details

Fluid Arbitrum Multisig Address:

Multisender Contract for Incentive Distribution:

Treasury Address:

IX. Conclusion

Summary of Achievements:

The successful utilization of the GMX grant has led to remarkable growth in trading volume, user acquisition, and has established Fluid as a frontrunner in the decentralized trading ecosystem on the Arbitrum network. Through the dedication of the Fluid team and community, the GMX Bot has become a hallmark of innovation and efficiency.

X. KPIs and Metrics

Trading Volume:
Achieved over a staggering $139,180,970 in total trading volume.

Number of Trades:
Facilitated over 6,169 trades.

Acquired 112 new referrals through our affiliate program.

Dune Dashboard:
Fluid Analytics (dune.com)


Fluid GMX Bot - Telegram: Contact @FluidGMXBot
Fluid Trade Portal - Telegram: Contact @FluidTradingPortal
Fluid Docs - https://fluidtrade.gitbook.io
Fluid on X.com - https://twitter.com/FluidToken
Fluid on the web - https://fluidtrade.io/

Arbitrum LTIPP Grant Application:
Fluid LTIPP Application FINAL - DAO Grant Programs / Long Term Incentives Pilot Program - Arbitrum