[GMX] STIP. B Bi-Weekly Update

[GMX] Bi-Weekly Update [1/7/2024]

Recap of the Previous Two Weeks

ARB Received Last Disbursement: 900,000 ARB

ARB Utilized as Incentives in the Last Two Weeks: 0

Liquidity Incentives: 0 ARB
Trading Incentives: 0 ARB
Grants Incentives: 0 ARB

Contracts incentivized over the last 2 weeks: None

Contract address label Form 45 completed for all addresses: Yes

ARB left over: 900,000 ARB

Plan for leftover ARB: Continuing with Liquidity Incentives, Trading Incentives, and Grants Incentives campaign.

Summary of incentives:

The STIP-B incentive campaign aims to solidify GMX’s role as the foundational trading and liquidity layer for DeFi on Arbitrum.

The campaign began on 26 June. All incentives ****will be distributed based on weekly epochs, which start on Wednesday at 00:00 UTC.

The campaign’s three incentive categories, and how GMX users benefit from them, are explained in more detail below:

:droplet: GM Liquidity incentives

GMX V2 works with a range of highly liquid pools that facilitate all perpetual and spot trading activity. These GM pools are yield-generating, capital-efficient and composable with other protocols: they form a foundational DeFi base layer for the entire Arbitrum ecosystem.

The GM Liquidity Incentives on Arbitrum are divided into two types:

  1. Incentives for Liquidity Providers to the GM pools of GMX V2
  2. Incentives for the newly launched Single-Asset GM pools.

Incentives for GM Liquidity Providers

  • All GMX’s GM pools on Arbitrum, except the swap-only pools, are eligible for liquidity incentives. These incentives boost the native returns based on pool fees.
  • The allocation of incentives for GM Liquidity is based on weekly epochs. Every epoch, a set number of ARB will be allocated per GM pool.
  • A time-weighted average of users’ GM balance is taken for the whole week to calculate proportional rewards.
  • ARB incentives will be airdropped directly to GM holders’ wallets after each epoch. Please note that there is a threshold of 0.1 ARB to qualify for the rewards airdrop.
  • The APYs and other information shown on the Earn/Pools page are rough estimates; actual rewards depend on the final calculations at the end of each epoch.
  • The amount of ARB for each epoch may be amended from time to time to ensure they meet the goals of GMX’s STIP-Bridge incentives in the most cost-effective way.
  • The Liquidity Incentives are expected to be maximised at around 25% APR for each GM pool.

Incentives for new Single-Asset GM pools

  • GMX will especially incentivise its single-sided GM liquidity pools, which have just one token backing the market on both the Long and Short sides. These liquidity pools do not have a stablecoin component.
  • Any newly launched Single-Asset GM pools will also receive liquidity incentives to help bootstrap deep, healthy markets quickly.

:chart_with_upwards_trend: Trading incentives

GMX aims to bring trading fees on the decentralised perpetual exchange to 0.02% on average – a level that is competitive with the trading fees of the VIP tiers of leading centralised exchanges. Lower trading fees will encourage traders to move on-chain, helping to convert CEX users to DEX users.

  • Traders receive rebates of up to 75% of trading fees on opening & closing positions across all GMX V2 crypto markets on Arbitrum
  • These fee rebates can add up to cover almost the total cost of GMX’s base trading fees, when combined with a GMX referral-code fee discount (though never more than that).
  • Not all trades may be equally incentivised, as the goal is to incentivise optimal utilisation rather than pay for trading activity.
  • Trading incentives will be paid out against all qualifying trades during the weekly epoch.
  • The trading fee rebate will be airdropped as ARB tokens on a pro-rata basis, at the end of each epoch. Please note that there is a threshold of 0.1 ARB to qualify for the rebate airdrop.
  • Total trading fee rebates will be capped during every epoch. If the rewards cap for the epoch has been reached, the actual rebate could be less than the maximum rebate percentage of 75%.

:blueberries: Grants Incentives

We started the grants incentives program on June 3, with a focus on projects building in the GMX ecosystem to support them in increasing on-chain activity and bringing more liquidity to the protocol. So far, we have received around 29 applications and have accepted approximately 8 of them. We will be making upfront payments to the newly accepted grantees, with further disbursements depending on the achievement of KPI milestones.

We closed down our grants program on June 24th. Considering the numerous proposals already received, the STIP Bridge timeline, and the limited grants budget, the grants committee decided this was the most sensible course of action.

Additional Info / Disclosures to Multisig: N/A


Average daily TVL:

  • Overall: $392,567,470.13
  • V2: $294,220,211.68
  • V1: $98,347,262.64

Average daily transactions:

  • Overall: 871

Average daily volumes:

  • V2: $276,975,581.89
  • V1: $85,288,872.32

Number of unique user addresses:

  • Overall: 25,385
  • V2: 22,383
  • V1: 2,989

Transaction fees:

  • Overall: 36.39 ETH
  • V2: 34.79 ETH
  • V1: 1.60 ETH

Link to Dashboard showing metrics: https://dune.com/gmx-io/gmx-analytics

Plan For the Next Two Weeks

Amount of ARB to be distributed: $500,000 ARB

Liquidity Incentives: $400,000 ARB
Trading Incentives: $400,000 ARB
Grants Incentives: $100,000 ARB

Contracts that will be incentivized:

Contract Address Contract Label
MarketToken | Address 0x70d95587d40a2caf56bd97485ab3eec10bee6336 | Arbitrum One ETH GM Pool
MarketToken | Address 0x6853ea96ff216fab11d2d930ce3c508556a4bdc4 | Arbitrum One DOGE GM Pool
MarketToken | Address 0x47c031236e19d024b42f8ae6780e44a573170703 | Arbitrum One BTC GM Pool
MarketToken | Address 0x09400d9db990d5ed3f35d7be61dfaeb900af03c9 | Arbitrum One SOL GM Pool
MarketToken | Address 0xc7abb2c5f3bf3ceb389df0eecd6120d451170b50 | Arbitrum One UNI GM Pool
MarketToken | Address 0xc25cef6061cf5de5eb761b50e4743c1f5d7e5407 | Arbitrum One ARB GM Pool
MarketToken | Address 0xd9535bb5f58a1a75032416f2dfe7880c30575a41 | Arbitrum One LTC GM Pool
MarketToken | Address 0x0ccb4faa6f1f1b30911619f1184082ab4e25813c | Arbitrum One XRP GM Pool
MarketToken | Address 0x7f1fa204bb700853D36994DA19F830b6Ad18455C | Arbitrum One LINK GM Pool
MarketToken | Address 0x2d340912Aa47e33c90Efb078e69E70EFe2B34b9B | Arbitrum One BNB GM Pool
MarketToken | Address 0x248C35760068cE009a13076D573ed3497A47bCD4 | Arbitrum One ATOM GM Pool
MarketToken | Address 0x63Dc80EE90F26363B3FCD609007CC9e14c8991BE | Arbitrum One NEAR GM Pool
MarketToken | Address 0x1CbBa6346F110c8A5ea739ef2d1eb182990e4EB2 | Arbitrum One AAVE GM Pool
MarketToken | Address 0x7BbBf946883a5701350007320F525c5379B8178A | Arbitrum One AVAX GM Pool
MarketToken | Address 0x9C2433dFD71096C435Be9465220BB2B189375eA7 | Arbitrum One USDC-USDC.e GM Pool
MarketToken | Address 0xB686BcB112660343E6d15BDb65297e110C8311c4 | Arbitrum One USDC/USDT GM Pool
MarketToken | Address 0xe2fEDb9e6139a182B98e7C2688ccFa3e9A53c665 | Arbitrum One USDC/DAI GM Pool

Contract address label Form 45 completed for all addresses: Yes

Mechanism for distribution incentives: Distributed via an Airdrop

Summary of incentives plan:

As part of the liquidity incentives, we intend to distribute approximately $200,000 ARB during epoch 2 and an additional $200,000 ARB in epoch 3. As for the Trading Incentives program, we plan to allocate around $200,000 ARB initially, followed by another $200,000 ARB one week later.

Currently, our focus is on assisting accepted grantees in achieving their milestones more efficiently before the conclusion of the STIP Bridge program. Once the grantee’s milestones are successfully completed, we anticipate disbursing approximately $100,000 ARB.

Summary of changes to the original plan: N/A