Implementation of CAPTCHA and Rate-Limiting on the Forum to Detest Spammers

Hello Community,

I recommend implementing a CAPTCHA and rate-limiting system on the forum to prevent spammers from sending automated messages. Although this has not yet become a problem, I have noticed similar behavior on forums that use Discourse. Spammers can send large quantities of messages using different IPs and usernames. By putting the appropriate measures in place beforehand, we can prevent the need to deal with this issue later.

With the advancement of LLM, bots can now contribute to forums and send messages that appear legitimate but have malicious intentions and embed dangerous URLs. Some even try to use XSS and other techniques to gain control.

Although this may cause some inconvenience for some users, implementing these measures will have overall advantages and help protect everyone. Thank you, admin.


I totally agree on this one! This will make things better here on Discourse!


Yeah, it’s a good thing to filter them out :pirate_flag: