LandX Finance LTIPP Application Draft

Applicant Name: d_K

Grant Amount: $50,000

Project Name: LandX Finance

Project Description:

Bridging the agriculture financing gap, LandX provides capital to farmers in return for a percentage of their future harvests. The financing is secured by the underlying farmland, offering investors on-chain an opportunity to earn sustainable real world yield backed by tangible assets.

Team Members and Roles:

LandWalker, Co-founder
Sergio, Co-founder
Defi Samurai, Social Media Manager

Sage, Marketing
Velmie, Developers
0xZubin, BD Key Accounts

LandWalker has a successful career IT executive and an investment banker. As a serial entrepreneur LandWalker founded and successfully exited from several enterprises including a cyber security service provider,a leading Australian e-commerce operator, AI and blockchain enabled fitness equipment brands, an independent professional tennis league. With entrepreneurial vision, creativity, and flair for technological innovation strategies responsible for startup and growth across multiple industries, countries & cultures. LandWalker has been an avid investor and user of blockchain since 2015

Sergio had a very successful executive career & managed a leading agro holding enterprise employing over 12,000 people. His deep understanding of agricultural industry and markets and broad connections are complemented by his hands-on approach to financial management. Sergio has been an investor and user of blockchain since 2018.

Velmie is a leading developer of digital banking software solutions based in the EU and has been contracted by LandX to manage the development of the LandX platform. Investment company owned by co-founders of LandX is a significant shareholder in Velmie which ensures long term alignment of interests and development capabilities of LandX at predetermined development rates and strategically positions LandX for growth of the associated financial services (opening of IBANs, onboarding of farmers and investors through tradfi, etc).


d_K has 6 years of experience in sales operations/growth management IRL working as a country manager. He started his crypto journey in 2020, d_K has accumulated broad knowledge about the defi ecosystem and crypto landscape forging a solid network of builders, marketers and investors.

Project Links:

Telegram: Telegram: Contact @landxfin
Discord: LandX - Early Access

Github: GitHub - LandXit/land-x-smart-contracts: LandX Smart Contracts

Bug Bounty: LandX Bug Bounties | Immunefi

Docs: Video Explainer - LandX Docs

Dune Dashboard:

Contact Information:

Point of Contact (note: this should be an individual’s name, not the name of the protocol): d_K
Point of Contact’s TG handle: @d_Knght
Twitter: @degenknght

Do you acknowledge that your team will be subject to a KYC requirement?: Yes

As pioneers in the RWA (Real World Asset) sector on Arbitrum, our innovative DeFi primitives are introducing an additional layer of tangible yield to the network while championing the RWA narrative on Arbitrum, all the while maintaining the DeFi ethos.

Our products are designed to seamlessly integrate with other DeFi protocols, serving as foundational building blocks within the Arbitrum ecosystem. Our recent partnership with Timeswap, resulting in a trading volume of $500k, stands as a testament to this interoperability.

Further opportunities for integration abound, including with money market protocols, yield aggregators, and CDP protocols.

To date, we’ve successfully onboarded 841 hectares of land, enabling the minting of $2.7 million worth of four distinct xTokens. Our recently launched insurance protocol not only enhances utility for our investors but also catalyzes increased volume across our product suite on Arbitrum, with $177k worth of LNDX tokens currently staked. Encouraged by positive community feedback, we are poised to expand our offering of insured markets, presently at nine, supported by our latest insurance product developed in collaboration with strategic investors/partners Atomica/Protofire. Further details can be accessed via the provided link:
For a comprehensive overview of xToken metrics, we invite you to explore our Dune dashboard:

Since its inception, our protocol has been accessible on both Ethereum Mainnet and Arbitrum.

Presently, we incentivize participation in our Timeswap pools with our governance token LNDX and leverage our ISM (Initial Stake Model) with xBasket tokens.

Looking ahead, our roadmap includes:

  • Implementing Proof of Reserve to bolster transparency.
  • Establishing partnerships with regulated entities to facilitate fiat on/off-ramping in diverse regions (i.e. Stasis for the Eurozone)
  • Expanding our operational presence in Latin America and Eastern Europe.
  • Introducing a user-friendly credit product featuring a range of collateral options.
  • Cultivating partnerships and integrations with other DeFi protocols to rigorously test and refine our yield offerings.

Aims and Scope:

The primary objective of this proposal is to implement an incentivization program on Arbitrum One and introduce a gated pool. These initiatives aim to foster user retention, stimulate protocol growth, and strengthen our presence within the Arbitrum Network.

Key Objectives:

  • Incentivization Program Development: Collaborating with Atomica, we will develop a locking system for LNDX tokens on Arbitrum. This system will form the basis of our incentivization program, offering additional rewards to users who participate.

  • Creation of Gated ISM Pools: We will establish gated ISM pools specifically tailored for LNDX token stakers. These pools will be exclusively accessible to LNDX lockers, providing them with exclusive benefits and incentives.


  • Development of a robust locking system for LNDX tokens on Arbitrum in collaboration with Atomica.

  • Launching gated ISM pools exclusively designed for LNDX token stakers, ensuring seamless integration and functionality.

Expected Outcomes:

The successful implementation of this proposal is expected to yield the following results:

  • Enhanced User Retention: By offering additional incentives and exclusive benefits to LNDX token holders, we anticipate a significant improvement in user retention within our ecosystem.
  • TVL Growth: Over the program duration, we aim to achieve a minimum of $100k worth of xTokens locked and $100k worth of LNDX tokens staked, thereby boosting Total Value Locked (TVL) within our protocol.
  • RWA Sector Growth on Arbitrum: This initiative is poised to contribute to the expansion of the Real World Asset (RWA) sector within the Arbitrum Network, further solidifying its presence and impact in the decentralized finance landscape.


Token Lock Production, Deployment, and Testing (Cost: $7,000 USD):

  • Develop, deploy, and thoroughly test the token lock mechanism to ensure seamless functionality and security.

UI Adjustments on the LandX App (Cost: $2,000 USD):

  • Implement necessary user interface adjustments on the LandX app to enhance user experience and usability.

Gated Pools Production, Deployment, and Testing (Cost: $6,000 USD):

  • Develop, deploy, and rigorously test the gated pools to enable exclusive access for LNDX token holders.

Launch of Arbitrum Incentive Program for Stake & Earn Participants (Cost: $35,000 USD):

  • Execute the launch of an Arbitrum incentive program designed to reward participants of the stake & earn program, driving engagement and participation.
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