Long Term Incentives Pilot Program

Hello everybody.

After reading the proposal, and discussing it a bit with @AlexLumley in term of how the LTIP was conceived, I would like to propose myself in the role of advisor.
I currently serve in Questook Arbitrum Grant Program for the domain “New protocols and Ideas”, as well as in the Uniswap Arbitrum Grant Program. This, inheretly, means that I can’t be in the council, realistically it would be too much power concentration; on the other hand, I have probably accumulated enough experience to have an advisory role with no specific decision power.

A bit of background on me

  • I am currently a contributor, almost since inception, in JonesDAO, as risk analyst and as product designer, dealing mostly with creating models for the vaults
  • I have been serving since October as the only domain allocator for “new protocols and ideas” in the Questbook Arbitrum Grant Program, managing a 200k ARB portfolio. So far, I have evaluated around 40 proposals, of which 10 were accepted
  • I have been serving since November in the 5 member committee in the Uniswap Arbitrum grant program, in which I helped evaluating around 25 proposals
  • I have build deep connections with most Arbitrum protocols, as well as delegates, through several election such as the Questbook and STIP, and BD activities.

A bit on the motivations as well. I mainly want to push further my role as contributor to the Arbitrum ecosystem as a whole. What I have learned, especially in the last few months, is that you need to be able to asses a few key things: how good the team submitting a proposal is, how good the idea is, how good the plan to implement and execute this idea is. Three things that, sometimes, require an external point of view to be able to be focused and spinned in the right way in term of product market fit, in term of viability going forward and in term of chances of success. This practically means that a few times I have found myself advising and helping protocols in changing from a few stuff to a full pivot of a proposal because there was something not working, or because there was an even better possibility to create value overall.

Giving informed feedbacks to delegates, protocols and the council is something in which I can definitely give a contribution: act as the “bridge” between the proposals, the protocols and all the stakeholders involved.