Official Launch: $1m ARB Uniswap-Arbitrum Grant Program (UAGP)

Hey all, the Uniswap-Arbitrum Grant Program is now live and open for applications!

We have been setting up the joint ecosystem Grant Program over the last weeks and are happy to finally announce its launch. If you’re a builder passionate about building at the intersection of Arbitrum and Uniswap, we want to hear from you! :unicorn:

For more info join the kick-off Twitter Space in 6 hours. Here’s the link to set a reminder:

:spiral_calendar: 6-month Grant program
:moneybag: Grants: $50k - $250k
:inbox_tray: Apply Here: Gitcoin | Explorer


The Uniswap-Arbitrum Grant Program (UAGP) is a 6-month grant program fueling projects of two leading ecosystems. Its objective is to foster growth and advance projects that build exclusively within the Uniswap-Arbitrum ecosystem, focusing on long-term benefits.

As we gear up for a launch on November 8th, we want to give the community a view of what’s on the horizon.

What is the UAGP?

The Uniswap-Arbitrum Grant Program (UAGP) is a 6-month initiative providing grants from $50,000 to $250,000 in ARB tokens to developers building within the Uniswap-Arbitrum ecosystem. With over 1m $ARB tokens in the program, the goal is to accelerate adoption and highlight the expansive opportunities that emerge in overlapping areas of the two ecosystems.

Arbitrum is among the best-known scaling solutions for Ethereum, offering rapid, cost-effective transactions while preserving Ethereum’s security. The deployment of Uniswap on Arbitrum marked a significant stride towards scaling. Now, UAGP aims to advance this mission by financing protocols that improve the liquidity, usability, and composability of Uniswap on Arbitrum.

Mission of the UAGP

The UNI/ARB Grant Program (UAGP) aims to:

  • Fund High-Impact Projects: The program allocates grants specifically to projects that demonstrate the potential for substantial positive impact on the Uniswap and Arbitrum ecosystems with grants from 50,000 to 250,000 $ARB.
  • Strengthen the Uniswap and Arbitrum Ecosystems: The UNI/ARB Grant Program (UAGP) aims to strengthen the ties and facilitate exchange between the Uniswap and Arbitrum ecosystems.
  • Ensure Transparency and Community Input: The program mandates regular progress reports and seeks community feedback to influence the direction of funded projects.

Details on the launch here:

Contact points

To find all info: UAGP Information Hub
To reach out: Discord
To stay up to date: Twitter

As we press forward, we want to work collaboratively on this — for any insights, questions, or concerns feel free to reach out to me here or over any other contact channels :slight_smile: