[Non-Constitutional] Pilot Phase: Arbitrum Venture Initiative

@jengajojo, I think these are great question on the Infinite Launchpad thread.
I’m up to speed on some of the discussion there and am sure @aminiman will give great responses.

Still thought to connect the dots with what we’ve been discussing in the AVI topic.
Part of the the point of the market consultation in this pilot proposal is to be able to provide all the program managers with the same well researched and up to date information of what already exists as opportunities in the Aribitrum ecosystem and come up with guidance on what would be important strategically for the DAO.

Additionally there is already a discussion around aligning all impact metrics so the various programs can have benchmarkable with each other results. We’ve also been including in that thinking the accelerators that will come from the ThankArb RFP programs as well.

These are also great points which AVI is meant to be able to offer support over in the future. And in the mean time I know that the Betting on Builders group have put in quite a bit of thought into that.

@cp0x thank you for engaging with this topic across the board for several months now!
Both considerations you’re raising are embedded in the plan here.

I wish I did a better job at visualising a lot of this originally. Thank you for engaging and actually I’ve been trying reach you guys. Part of the AVI scope is related to enabling specific to Arbitrum talent and project pipelines via supporting university incubators. We’ve already looked into some institutional partnerships with tier one schools in the UK and it’s something we want to work on during GovHack. Would you be up for a call with me on that topic (DMd here)?