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The ArbitrumDAO Co.Lab Update - Week 8

The Co.Lab Fellowship is the first of two initiatives run by RnDAO for ArbitrumDAO (see second part below). It is a 12 week research program validating major challenges in collaboration tech followed by the Venture Building program where teams build and launch an Arbitrum-based solution together with us.

As we approach the end of Week 8, the Fellows have completed mapping out their problem space to put their users’ problems in the context of other players in the system, big concepts, and critical constraints to understand who is working there now, what has failed in the past and why, and what a real solution to this problem will look like. Next month, we will get our heads down in preparation for the final reports, gathering all the insights that a venture would need in order to begin testing and creating a great solution based on the research from each Fellowship.

Beyond the Fellowships, we are now advancing to the second stage of our grant, the Co.Lab Venture program funding. This initiative is to find a promising Collab Tech venture in which to invest 50K ARB and about the same in hands-on support. All told we have received around 70 applications for this venture funding stage, and we are going through the process of evaluation and shortlisting now. However, it is still not too late to apply so please forward this link to anyone you think might have a project that fits the criteria (detailed in the linked page).

Milestones update

The Arbitrum Co.Lab project was initially proposed with two milestones: the first one for the Fellowship funds and the second one for the Venture program funds. We have proposed and agreed on a slight redesign of these milestones to accommodate the delays incurred in relation to contracting and to retain alignment, sharing the new configuration here for transparency:

Milestone 1 - 86k ARB (already paid at kickoff): funding 6 Fellowships and program setup

Milestone 2 - 72k ARB (now due to fund venture): funding for one venture to enter the Venture Program and associated support.

Milestone 3 - 14k ARB: Completion: fellowships completed and funding for venture deployed

The program is scheduled to be completed as planned (second week of April).

A recap: What is the ArbitrumDAO Co.Lab and how does it benefit Arbitrum?

The Arbitrum Co.Lab is a venture studio designed to exemplify the aim of the Arbitrum chain to be the premier platform for building crypto ventures. Our specific focus on collaboration tech ventures, apps that improve DAO governance and operational capability, will enhance the network effects of the grant we have proudly been awarded by ArbitrumDAO. By developing advanced research, market-ready ventures and best-in-class DAO tooling, the Co.Lab is designed to attract developers, promote the sustainable growth of the Arbitrum app ecosystem and significantly increase the use of Arbitrum infrastructure.

Any questions, concerns, or feedback?

Reach out to me (Daniel) to discuss. We’d love to hear your feedback and how we can deliver even more value for Arbitrum!

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